Orlando Franklin   OT/OG   Miami 


 Round 2



Orlando is very athletic.  He shows on film to have quick feet and is the type of offensive lineman you could use at a few different positions on the offensive line.  However, his impact position will be as a left guard.  He has strong pass blocking skills and has solid run blocking skills, but his best strengths, by far are his pure athleticism and his ability to work well with his teammates on the line. Orlando is very smart and shows leadership qualities through his play on the field. He plays with pride and has sound overall techniques.  I can see some coaches thinking they may be able to use him at right tackle, but I just think this kid has Pro Bowl written all over him if he is your left guard.



Orlando is laterally challenged.  He just doesn't have much lateral agility at all. This will affect him negatively at both tackle positions.  As a guard, he can get help when needed.  Orlando also has problems changing directions.  He can pull and go to the second level to block because of his feet, but has limited ability to change direction with his hips.  This is a big problem if you think he is going to play one of the tackle positions without giving him a lot of help when he is pass blocking.  Teams that use a lot of spread offenses might only think of Orlando as a guard. Those that use a lot of tight ends (tight to the line) are going to feel Orlando is just what they are looking for... a plug-in right tackle. Changing coaches and systems will affect this kid's ability to impact.  



Orlando is a pure guard and should be an excellent one at that.  Ask him to play tackle and you will have to do what his college team did -- slide help to his side, ask your running back to chip or cover him with a tight end.  He works very well with his teammates and his techniques are outstanding when he gets help. He uses his hands to protect and, once he engages his opponent, does a good job in a small space of staying with them and fighting.  I have him playing against Ohio St. and Cameron Heyward was not dominating him, but in Heyward's defense, Orlando had help on about 70% of the passing plays.  That being said, Orlando was more of a fighter than Cameron.  Therefore, if you need a really good left guard, I would suggest that you draft Orlando.  If I'm correct and Orlando is being thought of as a guard, he might not be drafted until the 3rd or 4th round.  If teams are looking at Orlando as a possible right tackle, he could be drafted in the 2nd round.  Either way you drafted yourself a good football player and isn't that what the draft is all about?


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