Owen Marecic   FB/LB   Stanford


 Round 2



Owen is the type of player that every team needs to have a successful team in the NFL.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and steps up at the most important times of a game to either make a big play or be part of a big play.  This kid is smart and an excellent athlete.  He is very smooth catching the ball out of the back field and takes great pride in making blocks to protect his QB.  Owen can block in space and could be used as a H-back in any style offense.  He plays fast, has quick feet and has the football intelligence to read defenses because he plays on both sides of the ball.  Owen reminds me a lot of  Tom Rathman (former FB/H-Back, 49ers), one of the players who helped make the original 2-back West Coast Offense the success that it was during the Bill Walsh era.  As a possible Linebacker for the team that drafts him, Owen is also the type of player who will make your defense stronger against the run and smarter against the pass.  Owen is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He could be your coach on the field and given the time at just one position, this kid could help turn an offense or defense around really quickly, but...he does have to decide what side of the ball he wants to play on.



Owen has not been used much as a running back, so he still needs to learn some skills in this department that is if a team chooses to use him as a short yardage fullback inside the red zone.  If a team wants to use Owen as an inside LB in a 3-4 or 4-3, this kid could do the job given the time.  Right now he does struggle with taking correct angles and understanding how to use his athletic abilities to the fullest.  It's all in the details for Owen that will make him a lot better Linebacker for example, correct angles, correct drops, spacing ,etc.  These are all issues that Owen will improve on just as soon as he decides what side of the ball he wants to play on. It's just a matter of repetitions.



For me personally, Owen is the type of player I want to draft and add to my team.  I will figure out (with him later) on what side of the ball he would prefer to play, then go from there.  Owen is athletic, smart, mature and can take what he does in practice and bring it to the game.  I watch Owen play and understand right away that money is not the motivating reason Owen is playing football.  It's the game, his fellow players and the coaches -- that's what in his blood and what drives him to play.  Money will be part of it also in the future because Owen strikes me as the type of player who signs a contract and then wants to prove that he is worth that contract.  The idea of the draft is to add players who can impact your team in some capacity as soon as possible the day after the draft.  I dare anyone out there to tell me that Owen will not impact on the field in some capacity the day after you draft him . The question is, how much will he impact?  Can he walk on a team and impact on offense like Chris Cooley (H-Back, Redskins)?  I think he can.  Can he impact on defense as a linebacker in his first year if he is thrown out on the field and has to learn on the fly?  I think he can because of his intelligence and leadership skills.  Some people are going to suggest that because Owen is not flexible or lacks lateral agility or struggles to flip his hips when trying to cover that this means he will not impact at the next level.  Some people are going to suggest that he doesn't have very good running back skills so he can't be used as a fullback or he only has north/south speed and not side-to-side speed.  They are going to downgrade this kid for all of those reasons and I'm telling you that will be as big a mistake.  It will be as big a mistake as when all of those so called "experts" downgraded Tim Tebow when he was drafted.  So, downgrade away.  Look for Rob's board when Owen will be selected.  Then, if your team drafts Owen, come back to this profile and find out what type of player Owen will be in the future.  He will be an impact player.  That's what he will be because that's who he is inside.  He will be one of those players that the blood flow of the team goes through.  He will be Owen (Blood Sport) Marecic because even though he mentally tries to deny it, this sport is in his blood!



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