Pat Devlin   QB   Delaware


 Round 1



Pat has excellent size, arm strength, accuracy and overall athletic ability to be an efficient NFL QB.  He shows great leadership skills as well as the inner strength that every QB needs to be successful in the NFL.  Pat has the full respect of every teammate and coach on his team and you can see that on the film when he plays.  He has a quick release, makes rapid decisions and also is fast when going through his progressions and reading defenses.  Pat is a smart QB and understands situational football.  I noticed that his arm speed does not change when he is under pressure and he's even accurate when the pocket breaks down.  He plays from the pocket, even in the pistol offense.  Pat understands both sides of the ball and how to protect and keep his defense out of difficult situations.  On film I see that he has excellent mechanics and footwork.  He is an efficient QB, but he plays with a little bit of anger.  When things start to go bad, Pat will take the situation into his own hands emotionally and correct his team's course.  He is the pilot of the plane and like a plane that is on automatic, as soon as it struggles and goes off course, or needs to change course, Pat is there to handle the controls.  That's why I call him Pat (The Pilot) Devlin.   



I don't have these concerns, but I know that others will use them to downgrade this kid's talent.  He comes from Division II.  He plays in a pistol offense.  He went to Penn St and could not beat out a QB who is not NFL caliber.  All of this is true and has nothing to do with evaluating Pat for the next level. 



What sold me on Pat's mental strength to lead and play under adverse conditions was his play in the first game of the season.  He started out trying to play with a broken non-throwing hand.  Taking the snap was painful and bothersome and causing Pat a lot of problems at first.  You could see he was tentative and struggling; he was thinking about it on every snap.  Then, something happened at the start of the 2nd quarter.  Pat's whole attitude and body language changed.  It was like he said, "The hell with it.  I'm just going to play like I know how to play, throw the ball and whatever happens, I'll deal with later."  He wasn't worried about how good he looked or his stats.  It looked to me like he just made the decision mentally that his play was not going to be the reason they would lose the game.  He knew that his team was not going to win that game unless he started to play like he knows how to play.  He went on after the first quarter to pass his team to a win in a running offense.  Pat can play at any level, can play in any style of offense and, in my opinion, should have been the Penn St starting QB two years ago.  Pat has the intelligence to know that sometimes you can't fight the decisions that some coaches make, so it's best to move on and regroup.  Pat has all the ingredients it takes to become a starting NFL caliber QB because he has the arm strength, athletic talent, leadership skills, accuracy, size and intelligence.  Something tells me that in the Senior Bowl and Combine you will here a lot of talk about Pat.  If you look at playoff teams with aging QB's that are selecting players in the latter part of the first round who will need a QB in a year or two, I would suspect that Pat would be on their radar and could sneak into the first round.  If that doesn't happen who knows where Pat will be selected in this draft.  All I can say is this:  Penn St passed on him and look what they did this year!  


 The BS Detector 

  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11