Patrick Peterson   CB/S   LSU


 Round 1


Patrick has the size, strength, speed and quick twitch ability to be a franchise shutdown #1 corner back in the NFL.  He also has the size, bulk and tackling skills to be a Troy Polamalu-type Safety.  Patrick is the type of player you build a defense around and pray he doesn't get injured.  He is football smart.  He knows how to trick a QB into throwing an interception and he knows how to set up a corner.  Patrick has excellent make up speed and his change of direction skills and quickness are excellent.  He can change gears and has a great burst to the play.  This kid legitimately could be considered for the first pick in this draft.  He has the talent to turn a bad defense into a very good defense quickly.  Patrick is outstanding as a zone coverage defensive back or in man-to-man coverage.  Also, Patrick's size and tackling make him a natural for a rover position in a defense.  Eric Berry (S Chiefs) was the 5th overall pick in the draft last year by the Kansas City Chiefs.  He has done a good job, but Patrick will be better because he can cover much better than Eric.  Patrick can tackle better than Eric; Patrick has better hands and can impact right away on special teams.  Patrick can also play in the wildcat on your offensive side of the ball.  I call him Patrick (Suh 2) Peterson because Patrick will impact a defense just like Suh has done for the Lions this year just at a different position.  



There is not much that I know of or can see on film. If his maturity in his interviews match his maturity on the field, this kid will be something special. 



As I said, Patrick could be considered the top pick in this draft.  If I was a team that had the first pick and I did not need a QB, I would jump at the chance to draft Patrick.  I would think that if the Lions are still drafting in the top ten of this draft, they would love to draft Patrick and add him to Suh in their defense.  Think about Suh and Troy Polamalu (S Steelers) on the same team.  That's what I mean... the thought has got to be chilling for any offensive coordinator to think about.  Now take Patrick's name and substitute it for Troy's name and then read this profile.  Now you see the potential of a team that adds Patrick to its defense if they already have a pretty good defensive line.  There is no team in the NFL that is going to draft in the top five that does not need to add a multi-talented player like Patrick to its defense.  There are two reasons most of the time why a team is drafting in the top five of a draft.  One is they don't have a good QB and the second reason is they have a lousy defense.  So if your team doesn't need a QB because you selected one last year and he is doing just fine, then pray your team selects Patrick and don't worry if it's the very first pick of the draft.  He will be worth it.  This kid just might be the best defensive player in this draft.  I dare you to pass on him!  

 The BS Detector 

  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10