Prince Amukamara   CB/S   Nebraska


 Round 1


Prince is a big, strong, athletic cornerback with excellent tackling skills that will significantly limit a wide receiver's run after catch yards.  He reminds me a lot of Charles Woodson (CB Packers). He has the ability to match up physically with those big, tall, strong wide receivers and take away those tough to handle fade routes.  Prince has good straight-line speed as well as catch-up speed.  Through his play on the field, he shows good leadership and character.  He does a nice job carrying out his assignments when playing both in man-to-man and zone coverage.  Prince is fearless when it comes to supporting the run and is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  This kid has excellent potential to be a #1 cornerback for the team that drafts him.  Also, because of his cover skills and excellent tackling ability, he could become an Ed Reed Ravens type of safety.  Just think: drafting a player who has the potential to be as good as Charles Woodson or Ed Reed...outstanding! 



Prince still has a ton to learn to be successful at the next level.  Quick receivers will give him a lot of problems until he learns the tricks of the trade and gets more physical with them at the line of scrimmage.  He will also struggle on double moves until he figures out not to guess and just play his man.  The biggest problem is his quickness in changing direction.  He has the lateral agility, the recovery speed but quick receivers do get separation from him easily.  With experience, he can minimize this but it will take time.



I'm not sure at what position I think Prince will have more of an impact, but I think for my taste, it might be more at safety.  Either way, this kid (given some time to adjust) should be an excellent player for the team that drafts him.  Because he lacks the true quickness to cover any style wide receiver doesn't mean he can't be a Pro Bowl corner.  He just has to learn more tricks like Charles Woodson has in his bag.  My feeling about this kid is if you put him at safety until you get into the red zone and then use him in man-to-man coverage on your opponent's biggest receiver you will get the best of both worlds and maximize this kid's talents.  But that's just me. Trying to decide if I want an Ed Reed like safety on my defense or a Charles Woodson like corner.  I call him Prince (Either - Or) Amukamara.  Either a great CB like Charles Woodson or a terrific safety such as Ed Reed.


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  Drew Boylhart   Dec/10