Randall Cobb   WR   Kentucky


 Round 2



Randall looks like he is a bit of a perfectionist and should fit into the next level with that attitude just fine.  He plays with excellent strength and balance and has terrific football intelligence.  Randall shows good leadership skills and, because of his ability and attitude to block, makes the players around him better. He shows nice speed and decent quickness.  The only time I see him drop a ball is when he is frustrated that the pass wasn't thrown to him on time.  He is a run-after-the-catch style of receiver.  Randall's across the middle and will hold onto the ball after a big hit like a person on a diet holds on to the first cupcake they've held in a month. Randall runs good routes and staying at the college level with his attitude will just frustrate this kid because he plays like an NFL level player right now.



Randall is very stiff in the hips and might not be able to be a pure wide receiver because of it.  He struggles catching the ball down the field and lacks the gears to get separation down the field.  He is excellent in the slot and, if he is a motion receiver, he is a match-up nightmare. He has a little bit of Wes Welker (NE Patriots) and Steve Tasker (Buffalo Bills)-type talent.



Randall is the type of player that, if used in the slot and on special teams, should impact right away for the team that drafts him.  He is a smart player and because he is a perfectionist, the QB's are going to love him!  I love the way he blocks and runs routes.  When he's playing as slot receiver, you might not have to pull your offensive linemen so much as Randall will be able to block down on the OLB on sweeps to his side or take care of that in the box safety.  Randall will not miss that block.  He will make the quick catch over the middle and is quick enough out of his breaks to always get separation on a three step, 8 yard (move the chains) out. That's the play that has put Wes Welker on the football map. There is a lot of potential in drafting Randall and it's not just because he has good talent.  It's because he is smart and a bit of a perfectionist.  Look for the Colts, Patriots, Packers, 49er's, Browns, Giants, Redskins, Falcons, Chiefs, Eagles to draft Randall because of his blocking and toughness and because he fits those style of offenses, coaches and QB's.


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11