Ras-I Dowling   CB   Virginia


 Round 2



Ras has that long, lanky cover corner build that you like to see to defend against tall wide receivers.  He has good speed and has the long strides which make it easy for him to cover a lot of ground very quickly.  Ras is a smart corner.  He understands situational football and understands how to read a wide receiver and look for the ball in the air without giving up penalties.  Ras has a good understanding of zone coverages as well as his responsibilities and works well with his teammates to carry out those responsibilities. He seems to be a drag down tackler, but does make the tackle, which is typically the main concern with a lot of corners in the NFL.  Ras should be a solid cornerback for the team that drafts him.



Ras reacts well to all situations on the field but he waits to make sure of what is happening before he reacts.  His style is conservative because this kid does not like to make mistakes. That means that Ras is a good corner, but may not be a corner that will impact with interceptions and turnovers.  He must get a lot stronger to handle the bump and run techniques at the next level, but that is normal for most college CB's. The reports are that Ras broke his ankle, so that will have to be checked out at the combine.  That type of injury could impact his quickness and change of direction abilities.  Ras does come up and support the run, but again, he waits to make sure before he reacts which means he will be easy to block at the next level.



With the fact that Ras broke his ankle and was always hesitant in coverage in the first place, it might take some time for Ras to play up to his talents in the NFL.  If Ras does not intercept the ball very much at the NFL level this will also make him easy to challenge without the threat of a turnover at impact times of a game.  Ras has excellent cover skills and is very smart; with some good coaching, he could easily become an excellent corner back at the next level.  I just think it will take some time.  Ras has a lot of talent to work with and sometimes talent takes a little while to come to the top.  Ras is smart and mature; as soon as he gains confidence in his ankle, I suspect he will start to intercept passes and take a few more calculated chances to impact for the team that drafts him.  


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 Drew Boylhart   Feb/11