Richard Sherman   CB   Stanford


 Round 3



Richard has excellent size, speed and quickness to play his position.  He has good hands to make the interception and is very smart.  Richard has those long legs that make it easy for him to stay with, and shut down, a speed receiver on deep patterns.  He has the ability to dominate tall wide receivers in the red zone because of his height.  He can defend fade patterns, which alone will make him impactful for a team right away.  He has excellent quickness and can flip his hips when he is not guessing about a route, just relaxes and reads the wide receiver.  He plays with an effortless gliding stride that makes his speed and quickness very deceiving.  Richard is new to the position of corner back and is living on his athletic talent and intelligence, which right now, makes him a bit of a liability in the open field; however, he has the talent to be something special given the time to develop. 



Currently, Richard struggles because he tries to guess too much and make the big play.  He knows how to read receivers, which is good, but he is starting to develop some very bad habits because he is looking for the big play all the time.  Richard will do anything to tackle his man and get him to the ground, but he needs to learn how to tackle to stay away from injuries.  All of this being said, Richard has Deion Sanders type talent. I wonder if he could return punts?  I think he might impact in that capacity also.  Of course he needs to get stronger and just needs more repetitions in both man-to-man coverage and zone coverage. 



Richard is very raw at this point of his career.  When you watch him play on film, his talent just screams out at you.  This kid looks to intercept the ball...he needs to intercept the ball...he wants to intercept the ball.  He is smart and if he gets fooled once, he remembers and does not get fooled twice.  A soon as Richard learns better techniques, he will be able to fool a lot of QB's into making bad passes and intercepting them in the future.  He can help right away if you use him to defend in the Red zone and to return punts on special teams. He does have to learn how to tackle.  Watching him tackle right now is like watching two girls fighting in a bar.  The only technique I don't see him using when he is tackling someone is trying to gouge a player's eyes out.  But, in his defense, he does get the player to the ground.  He is not afraid of contact; he just doesn't know how to break down, collect himself and tackle.  He might never be a great form tackler, but he can learn techniques like turning plays in on sweeps and making players cut to gain angles when tackling so that he can stay away from injuries. Richard has a ton of talent to be an impact corner for the team that drafts him, but he has to be coachable and stay away from injuries because of poor tackling techniques.  I think he can do it.  This kid might wind up being better than a few first rounders in the draft in the future.  With good combine workouts and a great interview, Richard could easily move up to being selected in the first three rounds of this draft.  Most of the time, CB's like Richard get drafted later in a draft, but Richard could be an exception.  I don't usually give nicknames to third round draft choices, but in this case Richard is making me make an exception so I'm calling him Richard (The Interceptor) Sherman.


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 Drew Boylhart   Mar/11