Ricky Stanzi   QB   Iowa


 Round 4



Ricky is the perfect looking college quarterback with the potential to be the perfect looking NFL quarterback. He is tall and has an excellent arm. He throws a beautiful ball with just the right velocity to get the ball in tight spots, but at the same time, make it easy to catch.  Ricky works from the pocket in a pro style offensive system.  He can make all the throws with excellent accuracy.  He does a good job managing the game plan and uses the talents around him very well.  He looks on film to be coachable and has been a very productive quarterback for his college team.  So the question is why isn't Ricky being consider one of the top quarterbacks in this draft?  I'll tell you why... Ricky may be fine, but he does some stuff on the field that will blow your mind.     



Ricky lacks the leadership skills to lead a team out of an adverse situation.  He doesn't have a very good feel in the pocket and for a QB that has played as much as he has, he still locks on to a receiver like an infant breast feeding. He makes five great throws in a row and then will throw a ball into a crowd of defenders that are waving their hands at him for his attention like a New Yorker waving for a cab in the middle of rush hour.  I'm not sure what goes on in this kid's head in the middle of a game.  Some of the mistakes he makes when everything is going smooth and his offense is hitting on all cylinders just makes me want to hold a gun to my head with one bullet in the chamber, spin it and take my chances.     



This kid drives me crazy.  He has the talent to be considered one of the best quarterbacks in this draft.  Add to that the fact that he plays in a pro style offense and has excellent production and you have to wonder why he is not a top ten pick.  The problem is this kid does some of the most mind boggling things that I have ever seen on a football field.   He knows the offense.  He has worked with his receivers and still this kid will throw a ball right into all kinds of defenders while he is locked on to that receiver.  He can see all the way down the field that the receiver is not open and still... he will throw the ball!  I have seen him hit defenders in the back and even the helmet.  One time he hit one kid flush in the buttocks with a lightning strike.  The kid had to come off the field and try to sit on the bike to get the cramp out.  It was strange to see him standing up and pedaling for all he was worth.  I'm not sure why Ricky makes throws like this except to say he is mad that the defender is in the way so he throws at him just to teach that defender a lesson.  I know Ricky will show up and his workouts will be great, but if you have watched this kid through the years, you will see what I am talking about.  I hope that coaching at the next level will get through to this kid.  For me, I would wait until he has a few years under his belt at the NFL level and then look at him in free agency.  I'm not sure you can coach this kid up any more than he has been coached.  I call him Russian Roulette Ricky because that's the way he plays and fans will be holding guns to their heads when watching him as he goes down the field, making play after play, but waiting for the other shoe to drop.  


 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11