Robert Quinn   DE   North Carolina


 Round 4


Robert has the size, speed and burst that you love to see in a 4-3 defensive end.  He has those long arms that allow him to disengage from a blocker quickly and make a tackle.  Robert has a quick burst off the line that will come in handy when rushing the passer at the next level.  He works well with his linebackers and when he is not blocked, he can get into the backfield quicker than most players who play defensive end at the college level.  Robert is a sure tackler and once he gets his arms around a player, it is rare to see a player break free and make additional yards.



I have a boatload of concerns when it comes to Robert's ability to impact at the next level.  There are medical concerns, character concerns and most of all, playing concerns.  He is easily handled one-on-one, he gives up after he engages a blocker and only goes full speed into the backfield if, and when, he gets off the line quicker than the offensive tackle.  He does not do very well defending against the run and makes no effort to get off his block and make a tackle.  He settles for being blocked and thinks his job is to take up space and let a line- backer make the play.  He likes to pass rush; however, as I said before, once he is engaged or doubled teamed, he does not fight to make a play.  I'm afraid this is another case of the public being lead by an agent and his draft expert down the wrong path.  The publicity and stats do not match what I see on film. 



Here is the bottom line.  Robert is a workout warrior who was paid by agents during college and now, one of those agents is trying to recoup his investment by trying to convince all the draft experts that this kid is/will be a top ten pick in this draft.  Robert has the size and looks the part, but plays the game like Aaron Maybin (DE/LB Buffalo Bills).  The problem with that comparison is that Aaron can't get on the field for the team that drafted him in the first round.  Robert went one-on-one with Ed Wang (former LT, Virginia Tech) and got stoned in that match-up.  Ed is a hard working kid that might make an NFL team if he is lucky.  Add to that Robert's lackluster play on the field in most games that I saw and his questionable stats (11 sacks last year ???) and you have a kid being promoted above and beyond what he actually accomplished on the field.  Believe me when I tell you Robert has very good athletic talent that does not show up consistently in every game and on every play.  But if you want to listen to his agent and the other draft "experts" who do not look at film to form an opinion of a player, then go right ahead.  But remember this profile because it is the only profile that is written by a person who actually has looked at film of Robert from last year.  I don't see the player that everyone else seems to be so enamored with on film.  But I do see agent trying very hard to recoup an investment.  I don't usually give nicknames to players that I don't think deserve them, but in this case I can't resist.  I'm calling him Robert (Recoup) Quinn.  I think you can understand why!

The BS Detector 

Drew Boylhart   Nov/2010