Rodney Hudson   OG/OC   Florida ST  


 Round 1



Rodney is a quick, powerful offensive lineman who plays with the aggressiveness that a player his size needs to play with to be successful at the next level. He is athletic and strong enough to be used in any style of offensive system.  He shows excellent feet and is able to go to the second level and block linebackers.  You can use him to pull and does not stop blocking until he hears the whistle.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Rodney is a smart player; he makes decisions and adjusts his blocking as a play is happening.  I feel his best position at the next level will be at center.  His college team used him as a left guard and he is very good at that position; however, I think at center you can tap into Rodney's football intelligence.  Rodney has the strength to hold up well against multiple style of defensive fronts.  You are not going to beat this kid and if you do, it will only be once.  He is that smart, that athletic and that tenacious.  His quickness and strength allows him to play bigger than he is.  He will find a way to block someone bigger and stronger -- there is no doubt in my mind about that.  Rodney uses his hands very well and his overall techniques are very good, but his greatest strength is inside of him.  It's his heart.  The kid is built like a badger and will defend his QB like a badger defends its home.



He is not the tallest offensive lineman, but as a center, that should be an asset.  I would like to see more muscle and less weight on his frame, but I'm nit picking at this point.  The kid is tenacious and smart. He will have to learn the center position mentally, but I don't see much of a problem.  He is very smart and quick to analyze on the run now.



This kid is a joy to watch on film and what he lacks in techniques, he makes up for in quickness and aggressiveness.  He never stops blocking.  One time he had no one to block, so he turned his hips and flew back (like a linebacker shooting a gap) to help out the left tackle on a double team, which was not his assignment.  His assignment had fallen off the line into a passing lane.  Rodney just doesn't stand around looking to block someone; he adjusts and reacts.  This is the type of play you see on film after a game and realize what a player this kid really is. Rodney has been playing guard at the college level and he could play guard at the NFL level, but because of his size and intelligence, quickness, strength and leadership qualities you have to think that this kid is a Pro Bowl center waiting to happen for the team that drafts him.  I don't know what round Rodney will be drafted in but I do know this.  He has 1st round talent and will play like a player who was selected in the first round for the team that drafts him no matter what round he finally will be drafted in.  Rodney (The Badger) Hudson...appropriate for his tenacity, don't you think?


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11