Ronald Johnson   WR   USC


 Round 2


Ron has good size and overall athleticism to play his position.  He runs excellent routes and has the ability to set up a corner so that he can impact at important times in a game.  Ron catches the ball with the ease of a doctor delivering his 500th baby.  He is sneaky fast.  Once Ron catches the ball and takes off for some run after the catch yardage, he runs just enough  not to get caught.  He is smart and runs excellent double move routes.  When he is in the red zone and makes a break, his stride becomes longer and it seems like he leaves everyone behind.  Ron has a nose for the end zone, fights for the ball and will go over the middle on crossing routes to make a big play.  Right now, Ron is one of the underrated players in this draft.  He reminds me a lot of Isaac Bruce (former WR, Rams).  



Ronald needs to get stronger and learn to block better or he won't be a #1 wide receiver. Blocking is the key to becoming a complete receiver.  He also needs to  learn to get off the line quicker and be more physical against the bump and run.  I do not expect any of these concerns to be a problem for Ron to overcome.



Ronald is the type of receiver that will make the team and the coaches will like him, but until someone on the depth chart ahead of him gets injured, Ron might not impact much.  He has to be a starter to impact.  He is not the type of receiver that will be impacting until he gets a lot of repetitions.  He plays with a great feel for the game.  His athleticism is good, but not great, compared to the players at the next level that he will go up against.  Don't get me wrong -- Ron will have very good workouts, but Ron plays better when he can read his opponent and get a feel for how his opponent is playing him.  Once he figures that out, he starts to run his routes in a way that gives the corner problems.  Ron's talents are best used by a team that understands that some players out-think their opponents.  Like I said, Ron can run a good 40 yd time and his workouts should be good, but his true talent is in how he plays his position. If you have the type of offense that needs a receiver who can improvise on the run and is in sync with his QB when he does improvise, then you should be thinking about drafting Ron.  Ron has excellent after the catch abilities because he is sneaky fast and knows how to change gears when he runs his routes.  When he runs a crossing route, you can see how surprised the corner is that Ron is a fast as he is.  Like I said, Ron reminds me a lot of Isaac Bruce.  He has that same kind of suddenness to his game along with little wasted motion and great hands.      


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  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11