Ryan Mallett   QB   Arkansas


 Round 2


Ryan is a tall QB with a strong arm who shows good accuracy and velocity.  As a tall QB, he throws the ball over the top, which makes it very hard to knock his passes down at the line of scrimmage.  Ryan shows decent leadership skills when his team is winning.  He makes quick decisions on the field and, if he needs to squeeze a pass into a small space, he can do it with ease.  Ryan does a good job overall directing his team on the field and making the tough plays to give them a chance to be successful.  I like Ryan's potential because of his strong arm and accuracy; unfortunately, as you know, the QB position has a lot more to it than just a strong arm and accuracy. 



Ryan looks physically fragile.  He stands tall in the pocket, but doesn't have a feel for the pocket when it collapses.  He does not move in the pocket and slide out of trouble and does not throw well on the run at all.  He is a statue in the pocket and with his skinny physique, it concerns me that injures will be one of his biggest problems at the next level.  I am also concerned about his leadership skills at this stage of his career.  I do not feel he handles adversity very well at all and hides this issue with a false bravado.  Ryan is young and being evaluated too early, in my opinion.  He should stay in college to mature more both on, and off, the field.  Right now he does not possess the stamina to handle the pressure of the NFL -- physically and mentally, on or off the field. 



It's real simple: Ryan may be a good college QB with the potential to be a good NFL QB, but not at this time.  If Ryan comes out early, I fear we might have another Ryan Leaf situation.  There is nothing wrong with staying in college and gaining the maturity to be successful at the next level.  I think too many QB's come out early and do not learn to go through the adversity of a losing situation that most of the time they will be in at the next level for the first few years.  Ryan has to get bigger and stronger and add more bulk to his frame.  He has to learn to play a little more on the move and, in general, start taking more emotional control of his game.  The QB position is more than just passing for TD's and I don't think Ryan recognizes that right now.  Ryan has to learn what is expected of him in being a leader.  As far as I'm concerned, this is way too early to be evaluating Ryan for the next level and I just feel that he should stay in college for as long as he can.  If Ryan comes out now and is taken in the first round (and perhaps even in the top ten), there is an enormous chance that he will not be successful in the NFL but..... he will make a lot of money!  Personally I would not look at drafting Ryan until maybe the third round, but that is just me.  If he comes out early, Rob's value board will give you what most others think and that is what really counts until after the draft and you look at this profile and Ryan starts to struggle in the NFL.


Update - Jan/ 11

Ryan showed excellent improvement in his maturity and that is what I was looking for in his Bowl Game, more than anything else.  He stood up to a pass rush that came at him like a tidal wave.  He is a pure pocket passer and if you move him off his spot he struggles with touch and accuracy but all of that can be corrected if Ryan continues to improve the way he has from the beginning of the year.  Ryan almost lost his composer a couple of times but I was impressed with his overall leadership.  I still say out of all the QB's in this draft that may come out early that Ryan should stay in for one more year but that being said... Ryan has shown me the potential now to be considered a franchise QB in this draft.  At the beginning of the year I could not say that but his improvement in leadership shows me a work ethic that I did not see at first. Most QB's that are taken early in the draft are not ready and will have to be given some time to develope.  Ryan will be that type of QB.  His talent suggest that you draft him as early as the top ten but you will have to wait until he can get a couple of seasons under his belt. The kid is starting to get a feel for the pocket and has improved his leadership skills so all that is left is to improve how fast he reads defenses and his decision making.  That is the normal process for any young QB.

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