Shane Vereen   RB   California


 Round 2



Shane has good size, strength and speed to play his position.  He shows excellent vision, quickness, and lateral agility to play in any style offense.  Shane shows great hands out of the backfield to catch the ball as well as an open field elusiveness to be a very dangerous weapon when used on screens, swing passes and wheel routes out of the backfield.  He shows some abilities to set up his blocks and make blocking for his offensive linemen easier -- which, in turn, makes them want to block for him.  There is a big difference between a good running back and a potential franchise running back.  Shane has that LaDainian Tomlinson/Matt Forte/Joseph Addai look to his style of play.  He is young, but if he continues to develop at the next level, he could turn into a franchise running back for the team that drafts him.



Shane is still learning to be more consistent as well as to trust his blockers and not take the ball outside.  He has received some very good coaching, but he still needs some work to become much better in blocking for the blitz.  He also will be getting hit harder than he has ever been hit and fumbling is always a problem for young backs coming out of college early.  Shane has all the tools to be an every down back; he just needs to continue to learn.  He sees the field and the blocking in front of him, but now he has to learn to be more patient and let his blockers work for him. 



As I said, Shane has the talent and football intelligence necessary to be successful in the NFL.  He has had very good coaching and, to his credit, he listens to his coaches and is able to translate what they say to him on the sidelines during a game.  The problem right now is that he needs to be reminded and coached because he has a tendency to try to do too much on every play.  He has too much energy, if that is possible.  All of this is just a sign that Shane needs time to become more consistent and for his athletic talent and mental thinking to work as one on every play.  Once that happens, Shane will become a powerful offensive weapon for his team and will become a leader through his play on the field.  With his natural talents, size and strength, Shane is the style of running back like a Matt Forte who will need to be accounted for on every play. I like this kid a lot and if you are looking for a franchise back to develop, then Shane is just the player you should be looking for.  I would think the Browns, Falcons, Giants, Rams would look hard at a back who can give them a style of running back that is different than what they have right now.  In a year or two, Shane might be the main guy, but in the mean time, he could learn and grow and mature on the field to eventually be the main man.  I can tell you one thing: Shane has had some excellent coaching at the college level and this kid was smart enough to benefit from it.


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 Drew Boylhart    Jan/11