Shareece Wright   CB/S   USC


 Round 5



Shareece is a strong player who has good speed and is a strong tackler.  He is smart and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He plays bigger than his size because he is physical with coverage.  He should be excellent in the red zone and, because of his tackling abilities, can be used to cover slot receivers and players who might be bigger than he is.  With Shareece, what you see is what you get.  He is a player who can be used in different positions in your defensive backfield and the closer you get to the red zone, the better he will perform.  Shareece should be a solid special teams player and, in your nickel/dime packages, should perform at a high level.



I did a search on Shareece and he has had some medical issues and academic issues; therefore, combine workouts and interviews will be of paramount importance to Shareece.  After that, he will have to mature and handle the next level.  It's a great deal of pressure, but this kid has the ability to be a solid player for the team that drafts him .



Shareece has a chance to be a starting safety and nickel/dime corner if he keeps his head on straight and continues to improve.  I think in the late rounds of the draft Shareece could be good value.  It's all up to him.  I saw the talent in the Senior Bowl and I saw it on film in the regular season.  He stood out and caught my attention, which means to me that he has something to offer the team that drafts him.


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 Drew Boylhart   Mar/11