Shiloh Keo   S   Idaho


 Round 2



Shiloh has the aggressiveness and the leadership ability you look for in a safety to impact at the next level.  He is tough as nails and has the football instincts to strike in lightning-quick fashion like Bob Sanders (S Colts).  Shiloh is very smart and understands situational football.  He has a presence out on the field that everyone who plays with him, coaches him, coaches against him and plays against him sees and respects.  Shiloh will impact as a starting safety and be your team's featured player on all special teams units.  He has very quick feet and is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He leads by example and makes the players around him better by example.  He is a team player all the way.  In spite of what I have just written, I suspect that Shiloh (Nails) Keo would need a search dog assigned to every team in this draft to find him and draft him in the first three rounds.  



Shiloh is too small, too slow and not athletic enough play his position at the next level.  He has to play at such a high level of destruction that injuries will be a concern.  All of this said, if your team doesn't draft him and has to play against him in the same division, I pity your team.



As I stated, Shiloh is undersized, slow and too limited athletically to play his position at the next level.  However, when he is on the field, he is a difference maker and your team's defense takes on a whole different persona.  It becomes vicious and calculating in it's thinking and execution.  Your defense becomes unpredictable.  Wide Receivers catch the ball with one eye looking into the line of scrimmage and the other eye looking out to the defensive backfield. In a two-deep zone, running backs will do anything to run to the other side of the field from Shiloh only to be tackled for losses and short gains.  This kid will be in the head of a QB and an offensive coordinator a week before the game.  He is the type of player that an offense has to game plan for in both the run and the pass games.  Bob Sanders (S Colts) was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2004 draft.  When he was on the field, the Colts' defense was a different defense and he was responsible for that.  Shiloh has that same ability.  His instincts, quickness, football intelligence and do anything attitude for the team makes a huge difference.  Draft this kid in any round and I know you will never be sorry.  He is the type of kid that if you asked him to go into the game and play nose guard in a 3-4 defense, he would do it and make an impact play.  Using the two board system, you will see that Shiloh (Nails) Keo might not be drafted until the later rounds.  The good news is that this will not change his impact the day after you draft him.  He will impact for your team like a player who was selected in the 2nd round.  That's the round I would look very hard at drafting Shiloh.  This kid is a football player.  He is not a track star trying to play football...he is just a football player.  You know what you're drafting with this kid.  He is a fighter, a leader.  Shiloh strikes me as the type of person who helps others and goes towards the catastrophe to do just that instead of running to save himself.  He is tough as nails and will hold up your defense when others can't. That's what I see on the film when I watch this kid play.  I see Bob Sanders.   


 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart   March/11