Stan Havili   RB   USC


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Stan is a smart runner who reminds me a lot of Edgerrin James (RB Arizona) when he was playing for the Colts.  He is quick and is the type of back that runs with no wasted motion.  He has very good size and speed and is the type of back that does not make a cut laterally.  he makes his cuts and continues forward, making it easy to break through arm tackles.  Stan has excellent hands out of the backfield and is very good reading and blocking the blitz.  He is not a breakaway back, but he will surprise you with his speed.  I suppose not having breakaway speed is what has kept him from being considered a tailback in his college team's offense, but for the next level, Stan is exactly what an offense needs to be successful in the NFL. 



Stan is not a breakaway back.  He will never be a breakaway back, but he does have the ability to break through tackles and will be a solid back in the NFL.



Stan will be a starting running back for an NFL team and he will be a good one -- similar to Fred Jackson (Buffalo Bills), Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis (NE Patriots) and Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts).  Just like Toby Gearhart (Vikings) and Peyton Hillis (Browns) are for their current teams and Brian Leonard (Bengals) will be for whatever team he ends up with in free agency this year.  For some reason, college teams don't always feature strong backs that help an offense control the game and help to make a QB better.  They want pure speed in the backfield and would rather give the running back position to a flashy, skinny kid who fumbles when hit and doesn't show up for the all important games.   What can I tell you?!  I know this...every offense in the NFL needs a RB like Stan.  He can run from a spread offense or a two back offense.  He knows how to set up his blocks to make it easy for his offensive lineman to block for him and he always falls forward.  He gains yards in chunks and opens up play action for your play calling.  Oh, and by the way, he can be your running back, fullback or H-back.  He is not one dimensional.  Don't ask me why his college team did not have the confidence in him to play him all the time.  It's a puzzle to me.  That's why I call him Stan (The Puzzle Man) Havili. 

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  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11