Stefen Wisniewski   OC/OG   Penn St


 Round 1


Stefen is one of the most technically sound offensive linemen that has come out in the draft in a long time.  He has excellent balance and uses his hands very well when pass blocking.  He's also a skilled run blocker and can go out to the second level and block linebackers with ease.  In fact, he gets out so fast he doesn't have to cut block most of the time.  He can be used in any type of offensive line block scheme as well as at multiple positions on the line as a center, right guard or left guard.  Stefen is a very smart football player to the point that it almost looks like he is bored.  Don't get me wrong; this kid is not bored he just plays offensive line in an effortless fashion.  He has great mental stamina and plays with pride.  Stefen plays at a very mature level and with football intelligence.  I call him Stefen (The Machine) Wisniewski because he is so technically sound, he is like a well oiled machine.  



He is a little small for a guard position for the NFL.  I think his best position technically might be at center, but my concern is that even on the field, he seems to be a bit of a loner.  I think he will have to develop his leadership skills if a team wants him to be their center.  He also doesn't like a player right over him and it's not because he can't physically handle that player.  It's because, at center, it takes all his concentration to have the perfect technique, which cuts into his ability to identify and make the correct line calls.  All of this is nit picking and he will develop the confidence as a leader very quickly if he is thrown into the mix because he is a survivor and a perfectionist. 



You know that old saying, "the best place to hide something is in plain sight"?  That's Stefen, he is hiding in plain sight.  Not liking a leadership role for a person who has the hidden talent to be an excellent leader is not unusual.  It's the reason Stefen is so technically sound.  The more technically sound he is, the more the coaches don't bother him as usually need to yell and berate someone else.  I suspect that for the next level, the team that drafts Stefen will see him work his tail off at becoming a right or left guard.  The problem is his size and most NFL line coaches are going to want to see Stefen at the center position because that is the norm for a player of Stefen's stature.  I don't think Stefen wants to be a center.  Oh, he'll play center if you need him to and he will work out at center at the combine and Senior bowl, but in my heart, I feel that this kid wants to play guard.  Like I said, this is a unique football player who has the intelligence and athletic talent along with his technical skills to play just about any position on the offensive line except maybe Left Tackle, but I just feel that playing center is not the position that he would prefer because if it was, he would have never moved to guard.  Don't give me this nonsense about being a team player.  I can see that Stefen is a good kid and I can also see that the kid playing center right now for Penn St was not better than Stefen.  I can also see that the right guard position is one of the easier positions to play on the offensive line.  So you tell me, why move your best player to one of the easiest positions on the field to play?  You mean to tell me that the kid playing center right now could not be the right guard?  You mean to tell me that the right guard position had to have a senior center moved to it because it was the biggest problem with the offensive line?  I don't buy it.  But I do like this kid and his abilities to impact right away for the team that drafts him.  When Stefen decides that he would be better at center than at guard (that is, when Stefen develops his leadership skills), he may become a Pro Bowl Center.  However, my guess is that he will try to be a guard first.  Stefen could sneak into the first round or, because of his size, might not get selected until the third.  However, I believe that he's an impact player.  You will just have to look at Rob's value board to see where he might get selected. 


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