TJ Yates   QB   North Carolina


 Round 5



TJ is a smart QB who has the respect of his teammates and coaches and knows how to run the offense.  He reminds me of John Kitna (QB Dallas Cowboys).  He has good overall athletic talent and, when he has good players around him, he can be very effective.  TJ plays well under center as well as playing in the shotgun.  He seems to have a good understanding of the game; he reads defenses well and is smart enough to be trusted to call an audible.  TJ plays a very mature game and seems to understand that not every play needs to be a succesful play for an offense to be effective.  He has been very productive at the college level.  TJ, in the right offense at the next level, could be a very productive and effect QB.  I believe in a West Coast Offense, this kid could develop into a starting QB.



Because of TJ 's lack of franchise arm strength, I think his selection in the draft may be limited to warm weather teams or dome teams that run the West Coast Offense (WCO). As he improves his mechanics and his arm gets stronger, he could be a pretty good QB for just about any team, but a team running the WCO will be the best fit for him.



This kid is very underrated and with the right players around him, he could easily be a starting QB for the team that drafts him.  It might take some time, but the potential is there.  Some teams will not rate TJ very high because he doesn't have that great arm.  But other teams will see that TJ could be a very valuable player down the road and just maybe more than just a back-up.  He also reminds me of Trent Dilfer, who won a Super Bowl playing for the Ravens in 2007.  Trent was also the sixth pick in the 1st round of the 1994 draft.  Trent struggled when playing for the Buccaneers and always seem to be signed by other clubs as a back-up QB.  In spite of that, he always seemed to get on the field and be productive.  It would not surprise me at all if TJ's career takes the same path because it seems in this draft he is not getting enough respect.  If he can learn to get rid of the ball faster and make decisions quicker, he could become a better QB than Kitna or Dilfer.  TJ has to be in the right situation for him to become productive, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the potential to impact at the next level.


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11