Tandon Doss   WR/ST   Indiana 


 Round 4



Tandon is a stout slot receiver with good speed and strong hands.  He does a great job adjusting to the ball and is fearless working the middle of the field. Against zone coverage, Tandon understands his position from the view of the QB.  He is the type of receiver that will step up at crucial times of a game.  Tandon has excellent hand-eye coordination and is not shy to take a hit.  He seems to be very quiet on the field and looks like the type of kid that just concentrates on what he is supposed to do.  He will give you some special teams as a punt returner also.  It's almost like he plays the game just like it's practice, which is, in many cases, both a gift and a curse.



Tandon plays small.  He was being used as a slot receiver and moved around the offense because I think he struggles against tight coverage.  He is a zone receiver right now because Tandon really hasn't gone up against top cornerback talent. Tandon struggles to read defenses; he understands zone coverages but he struggles with someone in his hip pocket.  His routes are average and his speed is good, but I'm not sure I see the quickness to separate so he will have to learn to run routes a lot better than he does now.  He is not a very good blocker.  Tandon will drop the ball because he wants to run before he catches the ball...that's correctable.



Tandon is a developmental receiver who plays small, but can give you some special teams work as he gets bigger, stronger and learns defense schemes.  I think he will always be a slot receiver in the open field with the potential to be a solid red zone receiver because of his toughness.  I don't see this kid talking very much, but I do see that his teammates seem to like him so it's just a matter of time for Tandon to become a core player for the team that drafts him.  He can help now against zone coverages, but he has a long way to go dealing with different coverages that teams will use to defend him.  They will show zone and go man-to-man and I'm not sure Tandon will understand those different types of coverages.  This is not the type of kid West Coast Offense teams should be interested in, in my opinion.  In defense of Tandon he is a tough kid; he has good hands and does adjust to the ball very well.  He is also fearless over the middle and can work on special teams.  Those attributes should be inviting to any team in this draft.


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11