Terrell McClain   DT   South Florida


 Round 5



Terrell has the size and overall athletic abilities to play defensive line at the NFL level.  He shows an excellent burst off the line as a 1-gap disrupter.  He gets into the backfield of his opponent as quickly as just about any defensive lineman in this draft.  Terrell has good lower body strength and is solid through his hips with stout legs that allow him to shock his opponent when he is head up.  He shows on film to have nice upper body strength as well, but his lower body strength seems to be natural. Terrell should be a solid rotation defensive lineman that can play multiple positions in different fronts; however, he will be limited to playing in a 1-gap system.  Terrell is one of the hardest working defensive linemen in this draft, which will serve him well at the next level.



Terrell is a bit of a tweener. His defensive tackle techniques are poor and, in spite of his ability to get into his opponent's backfield at the college level, he does not finish plays.  He certainly disrupts a play, but if he played with more control, he would make more plays and not just be a disrupting force.  Terrell is so one-minded that I have even seen him cut off his own player on stunts to get into the backfield.  He lacks change of direction skills, can be moved off balance and be pushed off his gap control easily. His pass rush skills are limited and he does not shed blockers at all, even when rushing the passer.  He will engage and, like Velcro, stick to his man all the way into the backfield.  He lacks hand techniques to be effective for the next level, but as I said, Terrell works all game long and doesn't give up until the whistle blows.



It looks to me on film that Terrell has the mentality of a rush defensive end stuck in a defensive tackle's body.  He is not interested in learning the techniques that a defensive tackle needs to learn to be a complete player and he lacks the pure athleticism to be the pass rusher I think he would like to be.  The good thing about Terrell is he could be used all over the line; he will give you good effort and help you out at just about any position in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense.  He is a pure 1-gap defensive lineman.  Trying to change him to a 2-gap player at this point of his career I think would be pointless and would lessen his impact.  1-gap teams will rate him much higher than 2-gap teams, but for me, I profile for 32 teams so that means he is limited and a systems defensive lineman.  The fact that Terrell never stops working to disrupt his opponent's offense is his best attribute and that alone will help him be successful in the NFL.


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11