Tim Barnes   OC   Missouri


 Round 5



Tim reminds me a lot of Jeff Saturday (OC Colts).  Tim has good agility and feet.  He plays in a spread offense and can make all the snaps with accuracy.  He calls a good game and works well with his teammates.  He does a nice job with a nose tackle right over him when pass blocking.  He shows excellent mental toughness and stamina.  Tim is a football player.  He is a kid that will do what is asked of him on every play to the best of his abilities.  He never gives up; the consistency in his overall play might be his best attribute.



Tim has to improve his overall strength, his techniques and has to learn that every snap will not require pass blocking in order for him to reach his potential in the NFL.  Right now, Tim automatically snaps the ball and gets into a pass blocking stance and does not fire out on running plays.  He also bends at the waist, loses his balance and once he engages, forgets to continue to move his feet.  But, you can see his athleticism when his team uses him to pull.  He has to learn to play more aggressively (when run blocking) and fire out.  There is no doubt Tim has a lot to learn, but I think he will be worth a late round pick to learn it.



The truth is, I'm not sure if Tim will be drafted at all.  He just might be a free agent pick up after the draft or even bounce around a little before he lands with a team that needs a smart center who can run a no-huddle spread offense. When that happens, Tim will be successful and make good money in the NFL and your team will have found themselves a very good center but...it will take time and the right team.  He is the type of player that, in spite of his shortcomings, you just get a feeling that there is more to him that what you see on the field.  As long as you don't draft him too high and are committed to Tim for a least a few years of teaching, Tim could be a starter, core player and fan favorite in the NFL.  Centers are hard to find and sometimes you just have to work harder to find and develop them. 


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 Drew Boylhart   March/11