Titus Young   WR   Boise St


 Round 2



Titus is a quick, long-striding wide receiver with excellent hands that should impact on special teams the day after you draft him.  He has played in a spread offense, but his skills translate very well to a more conventional NFL offense.  He is fearless going over the middle on crossing routes because he is faster and quicker off the line than most corners.  It is difficult to use bump and run techniques to slow him up off the line because he uses his hands very well and has quick lateral agility.  Titus is smart and has an excellent feel for the game.  He is in synch with his QB and, because of his run after the catch speed, Titus will turn just about any pass thrown to him on any part of the field into six points.  He reminds me a lot of Percy Harvin (WR/ST Minnesota Vikings) and like Percy, could impact on special teams alone the day after you draft him. Titus is a weapon that will be very hard for other teams to match up to as a wide receiver on the outside or in the slot.   



Titus has a difficult time handling success.  He was suspended this year and challenged the authority of the Boise St coaching staff.  Normally when a player is suspended by the team and the press does not know why, it is because the player missed practices and meetings.  That is pure conjecture on my part, but since no one seems to know the story, we can only guess.  So if this is true and I'm correct, expect the team that drafts him to cover up any serious problems and draft Titus early.    



Titus has talent like Percy does, but there are two things that could keep him out of the first round.  One is that Titus plays for Boise St and the media (and agents with media contacts) seem to have a biased towards this team because the NFL does not like the style of offense.  The other reason is that maybe -- just maybe -- NFL teams will take into account that Titus was suspended!  Think about it.  The coach suspended one of the best offensive impacting players in college football.  Do you think he did that because he wanted to?  I don't think for one minute that he did it for his health.  But he did do it for the future health of his program.  You have to do your homework on this kid and I'm not one to automatically cancel out drafting a player because he got suspended by his team, but in this case, I think it means a lot because of this kid's impact on the Boise St program.  The coach did not want to ruin the kid's career, but he did want to get his attention and send a message to the rest of the program that if you don't follow the rules, you will be replaced no matter how talented you are.  Hopefully, Titus has learned a lesson.  My experience tells me that Titus has learned a lesson with this coach, but I have no doubt that sometime in the future he will challenge the next coach as soon as he is comfortable with his personal success in the same manner.  I suspect, because of his talent, that some teams will be willing to draft Titus early and hope that he will not eventually create problems.  After all, this time around, he will be getting paid.  The question is, will he show up at all after signing his contract?  Your guess is as good as mine!After the first round, I would look hard at drafting Titus, but investing first round money in a kid who struggles with authority and thinks he is entitled to special rules because of his talent just rubs me the wrong way.  However, I've been wrong before. 

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  Drew Boylhart   Jan/11