Torrey Smith   WR   Maryland


 Round 1



Torrey is one of the most complete wide receivers in this draft.  He is technically sound running his routes and is an excellent blocker.  Torrey shows on film very good size, strength and sure hands to catch the ball.  He is an excellent route runner because of his feel for the game and his football intelligence. Torrey is smart and does read defenses more than most receivers coming out in the draft.  He can go deep and has the run after the catch ability you look for in a #1 wide receiver.  He will fight for the ball in the air and is fearless going over the middle.  Torrey is a strong runner and will break tackles against corners who are not form tacklers.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field, looks like he loves a challenge and produces at impact times of a game.  If he doesn't catch the ball for the go ahead score, chances are he made the block.  Torrey is very underrated at this point of the draft.  This kid has the potential to be a #1 franchise wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  He reminds me a lot of Roddy White (WR Falcons).   



He is not quick off the line or in and out of his breaks.  He compensates by running excellent routes, which is how he gets separation. Match him up with a QB with a strong arm or a QB who anticipates very well and this will not be a problem.  He is tight in the hips and struggles to adjust to the ball in the air, but not enough to really mater.  I'm nit picking, but I have to say something!  I can't leave this area blank!   



As I said before, Torrey is very underrated and reminds me a lot of Roddy White (WR Falcons).  I believe that if this kid showed some maturity in his interviews at the combine, he just might make it into the 1st round.  If not, somebody early in the second round is going to get themselves a potential Pro Bowl player. He has everything you look for in a #1 wide receiver.  He blocks almost as good as Hines Ward (WR Steelers).  He is not a head hunter like Hines, but does block well and reads defenses easily.  I have Torrey on tape calling out a blitz to his young QB in the  Florida/Atlantic game.  The young QB changed the play and Torrey's block on the outside sprung the running back for a touchdown.  This kid has it all and if a team passes on AJ or Julio, drafting Torrey should work out just fine.  I call him Torrey (Silent) Smith because right now his play is silent, but in the future, the fans will be screaming his name out loud.


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 Drew Boylhart   Mar/11