Tyler Sash   S   Iowa


 Round 1



Tyler is one of the best safeties in this draft.  He has good size and speed and has an excellent burst to the ball.  He shows quick feet and has very good hands to make an interception. Tyler is a heads up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He has those natural animal instincts to smell out an opponent's next play before the snap of the ball.  He is a leader and coach on the field and makes the players around him better. Tyler does a very good job defending a receiver in a short zone and, with all the blitzing that goes on today, that is all that is needed of a true safety.  You can bring Tyler up to the line and use him as a pass rusher or in zone coverage.  Tyler does an excellent job coming up to the line to support the run.  He is very smart and understand situational football.  He is quick, mentally and physically, and, at times, he will make a Troy Polamalu-type impact play -- especially when opponents try to sweep around his side of the defense.  Tyler has the ability to slash through the blocking and make a tackle before a running back can turn the corner sometimes forty yards off the ball.  That's why I call him Tyler (Slash) Sash -- he reminds me a lot of a bigger Jim Leonard (S Jets).   



If you want to pick out his lack of pure athletic ability to cover a receiver like a cornerback, go right ahead.  I believe that's why he is a safety! It's not smart to expect all safeties to have outstanding cornerback skills. Yes, Tyler needs the play in front of him to be effective.  As far as I'm concerned, that's what the safety position is all about, keeping the play in front of them. Tyler will workout at the combine and most likely will show enough athletic cornerback skills to move up in this draft.  Nit pick away, but Tyler will be an impact player. 



It seems as if things are too good to be true, people struggle to accept that and look for just about anything to try and make it not so good.  Tyler is a perfect two deep zone safety and in the box safety, but apparently that is not enough.  He has to have cornerback skills and be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound before they will admit that Tyler just might be an impact player -- even if he does lacks true cornerback skills.  I look at the film and I see an impact player. I see instincts that are unusual and speed that is dramatic.  I see quickness to the play that is magnified by his intelligence to analyze a play before the snap of the ball.  I see a coach on the field who makes the players around him better and works with the coaches on the sidelines. But all of this is not enough because Tyler might struggle to cover a receiver man to man 40yds down the field.  Let me tell you all something that may shock you.  I have seen Troy Polamalu get beat in coverage many times.  That does not make him any less of an impact player for his team.  Tyler was used in a pro style defense as a pure two deep safety system and as far as I can see on film, I would have to say that jumping to the conclusion that Tyler can not cover man to man just might be a mistake.  I think he can because of his intelligence.  I would think the Jets, Colts, Patriots, Bills, Giants among many other teams will need to draft a safety that will start and impact the day after you draft him.  Tyler, in this draft, could sneak into the first round and then again might not be selected until the 4th round.  You will have to check Rob's board to keep track of this, but for me, he has first round talent.  I'm sure this kid will impact on special teams alone much less become your starting strong safety.  This kid has the potential to run your defense and impact like a bigger version of Bob Sanders (S Colts).  You would think the NFL teams and coaches would get smart and when they see players like this draft them as quickly as possible but no... they would rather go to the buffet and choose what looks good instead of what is good.    


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 Drew Boylhart    Feb /11