Tyrod Taylor   QB   Virginia Tech


 Round 5



Tyrod is just one of the many athletic quarterbacks in this draft.  He shows on film the arm strength, accuracy and touch needed to compete at a high level for the team that drafts him.  Tyrod is very smart and understands defenses.  He can play from the pocket as well as any other quarterback in this draft and has the athleticism and football intelligence to play and run any style of offense.  Tyrod shows excellent leadership qualities through his play on the field.  He can do things on the field that could make him very special at the next level. He reminds me a lot of both Doug Flutie, because of his ability to extend a play when it breaks down, and Drew Brees because of his ability to play bigger than he is.  Like Cam Newton, Tyrod could play a number of different positions at the next level because he shows unique athletic talent, but I think his impact position will be as a quarterback for the very same reason.



For the NFL, Tyrod's athletic talents are a gift and a curse.  If he was 6' 3", there would be no suggestion at all about Tyrod changing positions like some have suggested.  The biggest reason that most are suggesting that Tyrod change positions is because he makes most of his plays after the play has broken down.  He holds onto the ball too long because he has such confidence in his ability to extend a play.  This is his curse.  He has to learn to forget about his ability to scramble and throw more on time and on rhythm as well as to throw to spots on the field and trust his receivers.  To his credit, when he scrambles, he still looks downfield for open receivers; however, he still does not trust his receivers to get open and make plays.  Tyrod will throw the short pass on rhythm, but he struggles throwing the ball deep in crucial times of the game on rhythm.  When he looks deep, he waits for the receiver to be open, holds onto the ball too long, breaks the play down and then throws the ball.  I know this is no different from what Ben Roethlisberger does except that it makes it hard to evaluate Tyrod as a classic NFL quarterback. 



Look for Tyrod to be drafted in the later rounds for a few different reasons.  First, in this draft there are a lot of very athletic quarterbacks. Newton, Locker, Kaepernick are all bigger and have big time arms.  However, when comparing to some of the other talented quarterbacks in this draft, for example, Andy Dalton is 6'2", 215 lbs and Tyrod measures 6'1" 217 lbs.  I don't believe that size is the reason so many are insisting that Tyrod should be moved to another position at the next level to take advantage of his unique athletic talents.  It is how Tyrod plays the QB position.  Andy Dalton and Tyrod are both in the spread offense, but Andy throws on rhythm and shows trust in his receivers to run correct routes and be there at the right time.  Tyrod waits for a receiver to be open and will not let the ball fly until that receiver is open.  Remember this in the NFL...no receiver is wide open unless it is a busted assignment in the defensive backfield.  Tyrod has so much faith and confidence in his athletic talent to extend a play that he has never truly progressed to playing the quarterback position any differently than he has played it all of his life.  Tyrod doesn't play from the pocket, does not take drops from center and, as I said, does not throw the ball unless a receiver is open.  Tyrod's mind-set and his style of playing the quarterback position is not going to be successful at the next level unless he is ready mentally to gain trust in coaches and receivers and teammates to make him a better quarterback.  In the later rounds, I would not hesitate to draft Tyrod because, as a back-up, he will win games on athletic ability alone.  The question is, to become the impact player his talents suggest that he can become, can he break the habit of being the only person who can win a game physically and learn to win a game mentally?  With Tyrod, you are trying to change a mind-set that has been a part of his game, probably from the time he was a kid playing football.  I can see teams like the Bills, Steelers and Bengals (because of new offensive coordinator) being interested in developing Tyrod. 


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 Drew Boylhart   April/11