Tyron Smith   OT   USC


 Round 1



Tyron has good size and athletic ability to play his position.  He has the athletic talent to mirror his man when pass blocking.  He also has the athletic talent to be a positive force in the running game.  He has quick feet and those long arms that you like to see in your tackles that help when he is pass blocking.  Tyron has become efficient in blocking for the run.  He uses good leverage and takes his man off the line of scrimmage quickly and does not lose his balance and hold.  He is smart and, when he does get beat, he recovers very quickly.  Tyron has the agility to go to the next level and make blocks against linebackers.  He has enough agility to block in space and change directions; this, along with his long arms, makes him a possibility to play on the left side in the future for the team that drafts him.  



I would like to see Tyron get out of his stance quicker.  This may be the reason his college had him playing on the right side instead of the left side.  Right now, Tyson has a slow first step.  Once he gets moving he is fine and moves his feet very well, but his lack of quickness out of his stance and the lag in his quick lateral first step may relegate him to the right tackle position for his career at the next level.  This could also be a problem in the future and make him a better fit for the right side instead of a future Left Tackle.  Even if it continues to be a problem, you still have drafted one of the best tackles in this draft because he is still young mentally and physically and technique work and repetitions alone will improve Tyron's play. 



Tyron has a lot of potential, but I can't help thinking that there is a reason he was playing on the right side and not on the left.  He has the same, if not better, athletic talent than any of the other OT's in this class.  The Left Tackle for USC right now is good, but not better than Tyron athletically or physically, so why was Tyron playing the right side of the offensive line and not the left side?  Maybe it was just because that's the position that he always played and is more comfortable.  Maybe USC tried switching Tyron and mentally, he was not up to the task.  My point is this... do not draft this kid with the expectations that he will be a left tackle at the next level.  Draft him as your next right tackle.  Maybe sometime in the future he could be a left tackle, but I would not expect it.  Tyron has played right tackle all of his football career.  He is a very good right tackle with the potential to be a Pro Bowl right tackle and that's how you should draft Tyron.  Even if he works out and he shows Left tackle athletic ability, still do not expect him to be a franchise left tackle at the next level when the kid has never played left tackle at any level.  Playing Left Tackle is as much mental as it is physical.  Sometimes we forget that when they look for a Left Tackle.  This kid is young; he has to improve his quickness out of his stance and lateral first step.  Then, he has to get mentally stronger and become more consistent in all phases of his blocking and all of that has to be corrected to play right tackle.  Can this happen?  Yes.  Will it happen?  I'm not convinced it will happen, but as much as I, too, think Tyron has the athletic ability to play the left tackle position at the next level there is this nagging question that I have.  Why wasn't he playing Left Tackle in College?  Do your homework, find out why and then draft him.  This kid could be drafted in the top ten of this draft if you can answer that question. If teams are not sure, then I would expect that Tyron would be drafted near the middle of the first round.


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 Drew Boylhart    Feb/11