Will Rackley   OG   Lehigh


 Round 6



Will has good size to be a guard at the next level.  He has decent feet and long arms. He has an enormous amount of teams that seem to be interested in him, so I expected when I watched any film on him, he would be dominate.  I have film on Will playing in the East-West Shrine game.  I wanted more to do a profile, so I went to the internet to pull up YouTube.  I expected to see him play very well on any films there and was not disappointed.  As we know, everyone is a star on YouTube.  Will played the left tackle position for Lehigh.  In the East-West Shrine game, he did not start and played right tackle.  On the YouTube film, he shows good strength, balance and moves his feet very well.  He dominates the one opponent that I saw him play against.  In fact, the entire offensive line played very well for all four plays and the QB did an outstanding job.  On the few plays I saw on YouTube, Will went out to the 2nd level and made his blocks with ease.  He was used on a sweep to his side and pulled out with balance and good foot speed.  He used his hands very well to make his assigned block.  In all four plays I watched, I saw a player who just might have to be moved inside for the next level.  However, Will looked almost dominant against Division II talent and looked like he had the ability to be a pretty good guard for a team at the next level.  The problem is, the next level is Division I Football, not the NFL! 



I have Will on film playing in the East-West Shrine Game.  He did not start, which was a shock to me.  When he did get in the game, they did not play him at guard; they played him at right tackle.  In this game, I saw a player totally confused, off balance, not strong enough in his upper or lower body.  He was not able to stay with his blocks, could not go to the second level quickly enough, lacked change of direction skills and when he engaged, he got pushed back and turned away on every play.  I watched all of this as the announcers sang Will's praises on how well he did in one-on-one drills all week long.  Funny thing...there is no YouTube film on Will playing in playing in the East-West Shrine Game!  I guess I'm the only one who has that.  



I do all my profiles from film and I usually like to have more than an all star game film from which to profile a player.  Therefore, I'm a bit uncomfortable profiling Will just from The Shrine Game, but I feel I have no choice.  I'm sure that Will is a good kid and a hard worker.  He does have talent to play in the NFL in the future.  On YouTube against other Division II players, Will shows to be a very good offensive lineman.  The truth is, I don't care how much announcers TELL me how well he did in practice in one-on-ones.  I see what I see.   On film, in the East West Shrine Game, I saw a kid completely lost and lacking the ability to change positions in a game against Division I college players that most scouts will consider drafting after the third round unless they show differently.  I saw other players changing positions on both sides that had little difficulty with the changes and, in fact, proved they could play another position for the next level.  I saw Will not being given starting status at any position on the offensive line in spite of being told every time his name is mentioned how great he is.  I waited for his combine numbers and expected them to be outstanding and instead, I got average (at best) numbers and measurements.  The information I have in front of me tells me that Will has talent enough to be a practice squad player for a year or two with back-up potential to play more than one interior line position and maybe, if he works hard, could become a starter. Will was not even close to being the best offensive lineman in the East West Shrine Game. There, I said it.  I mean really, don't you think that if you are going to draft an offensive lineman in the third round (as it is being suggested) that you would see a player who showed the ability to dominate College Division I players when he had the chance to go up against them in an all star game?  On YouTube, against Division II players, this kid was pretty good.  Remember, the Shrine game does not allow blitzing and only allowed one style of defense.  Will was covered up on almost every play.  My personal belief is that it is hard enough to develop Division I starting offensive linemen who have played four years and have similar athletic talent.  If you think Will is the next coming of a great Pro Bowl offensive lineman, than I say, "Go for it!"  This profile is not a knock on Will's potential or talent.  It is a knock on those that are pushing a kid to be drafted higher than he should be because drafting Will high when he still needs a lot more development is expecting too much, too fast.  Will is fine football player and he has talent, but it is developmental talent and not starting material talent that should be drafted in prime time.  Draft Will, but give the kid a chance to develop and stop all this nonsense that he will be a steal and the next great offensive lineman from this draft.  Give the kid a break!     


 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart   April/11