Alfonzo Dennard   CB/S   Nebraska 


 Round 2


Alfonzo shows on film to have good speed and quickness along with solid change of direction skills to play his position at the college level.  He has the size and the passion to defend just about any size wide receiver.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and communicates with his teammates when the situation calls for it.  Alfonzo exhibits great abilities as a zone coverage cornerback and, because he is a good tackler and has good size, also shows the talent to play more than one position on defense.  He is very technique-savvy, is smart and understands situational football.  Alfonzo reminds me a lot of Eric Weddle (S Chargers) when he came out except that Alfonzo's zone coverage corner techniques are far ahead of Eric's at the time he came out.



Alfonzo plays 8 yds off on almost every play.  He is not a bump and run, man-to-man corner because he just doesn't have the elite speed and quickness to dominate an opponent in that type of scheme.  He plays out on an island for his college team; he doesn't get much help and is very successful because he's smart and always keeps the play in front of him. Playing 8 yds off all receivers suggests that Alfonzo lacks the true recovery speed needed at the NFL level and will get beat deep.  That being said, I like his football intelligence and the fact that he's willing to give up the short pass and make the sure tackle so that he doesn't get beat deep.  Like I said, he is a very smart player.



Alfonzo is the type of player that can sneak into the first round easily.  Some teams will rate him very high because they play a lot of zone.  Some teams who play a lot of bump and run with single man-to-man coverage will not rate him as high and maybe think Alfonzo is more of a safety in their system than a corner.  I know this:  Alfonzo can play zone corner and he can play inside in nickel-dime packages as well as play safety.  That's a pretty good football player to add to your defensive backfield.  He is a defensive back that can help you right away and that is not to be overlooked.  The combine and Senior Bowl will be very big for Alfonzo.  If he can prove that his agility skills and speed are much better than what I see on film right now, Alfonzo will move up on every team's board.  That being said, Alfonzo looks to me like a solid NFL player who can help your team the day after you draft him.  Players like Alfonzo sometimes get lost in a draft because they don't flash; however, that doesn't mean that Alfonzo will not be a good player at the NFL level.  On the contrary, what round a player is drafted in has never dictated their ability to be a good or bad NFL player.  That is done on the field after a player is selected. 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12