Alshon Jeffery   WR   South Carolina


 Round 1


The best wide receiver in this draft is Alshon "I Dare You" Jeffrey.  He has the size, speed, quickness and great hands to be a #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  He has the passion to dominate and yet looks to be an excellent teammate, never bitching when he is not thrown the ball.  Alshon has the speed to go deep and has the body control to change directions on badly thrown balls and still make the catch. Alshon is excellent at gaining yards after the catch and is big enough to catch wide receiver screens when you need three or four yards and your running game is going nowhere.  He runs all the routes and when the ball is in the air, it is his ball and no one else is going to catch it but him.  Alshon is strong and can handle the bump and run techniques that will be tried against him at the next level.  In fact, he welcomes bump and run against him.  He has that "I Dare You" attitude when you try to muscle him off his routes or get physical with him.  That's why I call him Alshon "I Dare You" Jeffrey. He is the type of wide receiver you build your passing offensive game plan around.  Alshon has Calvin Johnson talent and Shannon Sharpe on the field attitude.  This kid is the real deal.



Alshon just needs a quarterback right now that can throw the ball to him.  This was not the best year for him because his college team could not get him the ball.  Alshon never slacked off, never complained and did his job.  He is not a great blocker, but gives good effort.



I tell you all the time that you can find wide receivers at any slot in the draft.  I also tell you there are exceptions to every rule and Alshon is the exception.  In my opinion, this kid is a top five pick.  If there are quarterbacks who can throw the ball at the combine and Senior Bowl, he will open up some eyes really quickly.  He has great hands, is a lot faster than he looks and has unusual quickness for a player his size.  He is very confident, which shows in his stride and in the way he runs routes.  Alshon is also very patient and has the attitude of a winner.  All he wants to do is win.  If he catches the ball in the process, he is very happy; if he doesn't, he is not thrilled, but will not complain outwardly.  This shows a maturity beyond his years and beyond most wide receivers who have his talent.

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12