Amini Silatolu   OG/OT   Midwestern St        


 Round 1


There is no offensive lineman in this draft that excites me like this kid does when I watch him on tape.  I consider him a top offensive lineman in this draft and the only reason he might not be selected in the 1st round is because of the competition.  He has outstanding athletic abilities to play multiple positions for the team that drafts him.  He shows leadership through his play on the field.  He has excellent mental toughness and takes pride in his ability to be the best player on the field when he plays.  He is smart, quick, has good feet, is strong and when you watch him play, he oozes Pro Bowl offensive lineman.  He has a little nasty to him and when he pulls and blocks in the hole for a running back, he does it at his size with the impact and agility of a fullback blocking for a tailback.  Amini finishes his blocks and never stops looking to block in space or in line until the whistle is blown. He is a very strong run blocker and does a better job than most do in this draft when pass blocking.  He reminds me a lot of  Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz (LT, Cincinnati Bengals).  Amini might not be a left tackle like Anthony was, but he has that same type of style of playing offensive line.  He has that strong dominating body language that sends the signal that he is in charge and do not mess with him.  As long as his opponent lets Amini block him the way he wants to block him, then everything will be just fine.  Give him some trouble and try to go by him to sack or make a tackle and he will make you wish you didn't on the next play. I call him Amini (The Warden) Silatolu.



Amini needs to improve his pass blocking techniques.  Like most athletic players,, he relies on his athletic abilities and mental strength to dominate.  When he improves his pass blocking techniques he can play guard or tackle at the next level.  If he plays guard he has to learn to come out of a three point stance.  Right now he works from a two point stance and, at the guard position, he will not be able to anchor against the bull rush and will be pushed around.  If he stays at tackle he has to learn to use his arms quicker, punch and keep using his upper body techniques until the play is over.  Amini will have to stop smashing his opponent in the back of his head also!  He has a bad habit when letting his block get by him of taking his forearm and smashing the back of his opponents skull and forcing him to the ground.  I would think he might get flagged for that at the next level.  Amini will commit penalties when his techniques break down, which is something he will have to work on.  There is a lot to work on, but out of all the offensive linemen in this draft, Amini has the passion to learn and be better than he is right now and there is no doubt in my mind his LTI will be short.  Start him off at guard and in a year he should be able to play right tackle and the next year become your left guard and then go to the Pro Bowl or just work him at left tackle and let him figure it out for himself. He will.     



Amini's potential is staggering and worthy of being a first round selection.  I like his attitude and style of play better than the more highly rated offensive linemen in this draft.  As I watched the film, I kept thinking what position would he impact in at the next level.  At first all I saw was a future Pro Bowl left guard.  Than I started to see big time right tackle potential, but as the game went on and Amini stop relying on his athletic talent and more on his techniques, I realize this kid just needs a lot of technique work in the passing game and he definitelys could be a great left tackle.  When he slows himself down and trust his techniques, he is a very good pass blocker.  He is the type of left tackle that has the ability to dominate when run blocking and because he has excellent feet, he will eventually dominate as a great pass blocking left tackle as well. Trust me, that's rare -- most can do either-or, but not both.  I prefer left tackles to come out of college with strong pass blocking techniques and I will rate them higher personally over left tackles that are better run blockers than pass blockers.  Amini might not have the elite lateral agility you look for in a left tackle, but he has the feet, strength and intelligence to minimize that issue.  And, because he is so dominant as a run blocker, you just naturally think Amini is not a good pass blocker.  When you look closely, you see a kid who can do both, but just needs a little more work to bring both skills out equally.  I will say it again, there is no offensive lineman that excites me more than this kid does in this draft.  I would pull the trigger on this kid in the first round before a lot of other players because he has great left tackle ability along with the ability to play multiple positions in spite of the fact he comes from a small school. 


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 Drew Boylhart  March/12