Andrew Datko   OT/OG   Florida St


 Round 2


Andrew has good overall athletic skills to play more than one position on the line of scrimmage.  He shows good feet, is smart and has excellent leadership skills.  He has the athletic ability to be used in a pulling system and does a nice job going to the second level to block linebackers.  He is quick enough out of his stance to play inside or outside and is excellent at getting out into the flat to block on screen plays. Andrew looks to me to have the ability to play tackle, guard and maybe center.  He has the mental stamina to improve and get better and make the players around him better.  In the future, Andrew should be a Pro Bowl offensive lineman, but he will have to continue to improve to get to that level. 



Andrew has had a shoulder injury that could affect his draft status.  He needs to get a lot stronger in his upper and lower body.  He loses technique when blocking because of his lack of strength. He can be bull-rushed into the QB very easily right now at the college level; however, to his credit, he still does not get beat often and stays on his feet.  Most offensive linemen who lack strength are on the ground a lot because they are always off balance.  Andrew is not often off balance except when a defensive lineman holds him on the line, re-directs him, and then sheds Andrew and makes a tackle in the hole.  The longer Andrew has to hold a block, the more problems he has but still, he makes the block at the college level.  The problem will be magnified at the NFL level if he does not get stronger, which I know he can, and will, do.   



Andrew is a talented player and has all the ingredients to be a Pro Bowl offensive lineman.  He just needs to get over that shoulder injury, get stronger and then find the position on the offensive line he can call his own.  His body type and style of play dictates that he would be better as a left guard, but his feet and athletic talent suggest that he has left tackle talent also. Either way, you will be drafting a starting offensive lineman who is smart, shows leadership skills and has the mental toughness to improve every year.  Andrew is the type of player who could sneak into the 1st round, which would not be a bad thing at all.  Playoff teams and Super Bowl teams should be able to wait a year or two for Andrew to gain more strength and find his best position at the NFL level. Andrew looks to me to be a quality football player and that, along with his athletic talent and leadership skills, will make him the type of offensive lineman that becomes a core player for the team that drafts him.

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