Billy Winn   DE/DT   Boise St       


 Round 4


Billy has excellent size and length to play multiple positions on the defensive line in a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense.  He is a powerful player who shows decent change of direction skills and good foot speed.  Billy is smart, a solid team player and works very well with his line mates to attack the offensive line.  He does a terrific job defending against the run and is a very good 2-gap defensive lineman.  He has those long arms that will come in very handy at the next level shedding offensive lineman to make tackles.  Billy is very adept at over-powering his opponents and his effort on every play is outstanding.  If he keeps working as hard as he does right now, there is no doubt in my mind that Billy will become a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him. 



Billy needs to keep his weight down.  I think anything over 290 lbs affects his athleticism big time.  He is powerful, but doesn't play with good leverage.  This will cause him to have back problems if he doesn't learn to play with better leverage coming off the line.  He takes two steps when he should be taking one step and is way too high out of his stance.  He shows good quickness and foot speed, but for some reason is very slow firing off the line.  He has the athleticism to become more than a 2-gap defensive lineman and could be a much better pass rusher than he is right now but controlling his weight and learning more techniques will be the only way he can become the player his talents suggest he can become.  If Billy can learn to come off the line quicker and faster and with good leverage, he is going to be one of the better linemen in the NFL.  He has a long way to go, but the talent and work ethic and football intelligence is there.  He just has to have more confidence in techniques rather than just trying to over-power opponents.  That over-powering crap will not work at the NFL, if he wants to impact.



Billy's impact position for the next level is as a Defensive end in a 3-4, 2-gap system.  That's what he played for his college team and that's his impact position for the NFL.  Like I said before, he has to keep his weight down and he must learn to play with better leverage or he will not be on the field very much at all.  He has everything else, but sometimes learning to play with leverage can be a difficult thing to teach someone.  Most of his problem is in his feet.  He takes too much time and too many steps before he engages, which creates delays off the line and over use of his upper body strength to keep himself on balance.  The problem with that is at the next level will be that the ball is out and down the field before Billy is ready to be effective.  I suspect in three years after Billy realizes that he is not the alpha male on the field any longer, he should become a beast to deal with.  But for this draft right now, you  would be drafting a rotation defensive lineman who will need to be drafted by a team that uses a 3-4, 2-gap defense. That's the reality of this pick in the draft. Good players sometimes get picked later in the draft.  I think Billy can be a hell of a player, just give him some time. 


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 Drew Boylhart  April /12