Bobby Massie   OT   Mississippi      


 Round 4


Bobby has the size-speed ratio all the teams are looking for in a potential NFL offensive tackle.  His workout numbers are good and he has those long arms that will take most opponents longer to get to the quarterback than it takes to go through airport security.  Bobby plays right tackle for his college team, but his workouts and size suggest he has the ability to play left tackle, and possibly more than one position on the line of scrimmage.  Bobby is a developmental offensive lineman that I suspect most teams will hope they can develop quickly. 



Bobby's techniques are poor to say the least.  He is on the ground too much and he doesn't follow through on his blocks in the running game.  He also has a problem with defending an outside pass rush because he lacks technique, lateral agility and change of direction skills at this point of his career.  His workout numbers refute this, but his play on the field does not. He does a solid job handling an inside pass rush but that's because he turns his shoulders to the inside and rides his man into others or to the other side of the pocket.  Perhaps he will be a better left tackle than a right tackle.  Bobby struggles to maintain balance when going out to the next level and doesn't finish his blocks on the second level.  He does a better job when covered up by a tight end and I suspect most teams, if they want him on the field right away, will have to start him at right guard and see if he has the mental stamina for that position before giving him more responsibility in the future of one of the tackle positions.



Bobby is a junior coming out early and there is a big question that he will have to answer right away:  Is he ready to be called "Bob", because Bobby is for college and "Bob" should be the person signing a contract for a lot of money?  Bobby has a lot of work to do and I'm not sure he will accomplish it all by the time his first contract is up.  Then again maybe the kid is ready for the big time and maybe his athletic talent will become "one", with his newly found work ethic and improved techniques!  At some point in this draft, selecting Bobby would be a great pick because of his athletic talents; however, drafting Bobby in the first three rounds sends a signal to me that you expect him to start and compete for a sixteen game schedule in the NFL and personally, I don't believe he is ready to start because he lacks technique, work ethic, and the intangibles he will need to be successful at the next level.  That does not mean I don't think he can be successful, it just means he has a lot of work to do in order to get there.  To be a good solid offensive lineman is in the cards for him in the future, but it will take some time. 



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