Brandon Boykin   CB/FS/ST   Georgia


 Round 1


Brandon has excellent speed, quickness and athleticism to play multiple positions on defense and impact on special teams.  He has good size and long arms that make it easy for him to defend against bigger receivers.  He plays bigger than his size because of his toughness and football intelligence.  Brandon has good hands to make an interception and is always looking to intercept or strip the ball on every play.  He has an excellent burst to go along with nice recovery speed and he reads the WR in coverage while on the run.  He is excellent at timing when the ball gets to his opponent to make a play.  He is stronger than he looks and will fight for the ball in the air to make an interception.  He has excellent body control and is quick to flip his hips in coverage and stay with his responsibilities.  This kid should impact for you the day after you draft him on special teams alone.  He will also compete for a starting position the first day in camp as a CB or free safety. I call him Brandon (Spiderman) Boykin because of his ability to cling to his opponent in man-to-man defense like a spider to his web.



Brandon is skinny and you wonder if he can take the pounding at the NFL level, but that is no reason not to draft him.  The real concern is, if you bulk him up, will it affect his quickness and flexibility?  Right now he flips his hips in coverage with lightning quickness.  



On film, Brandon looks to be about between 175 lbs. to 185 lbs.  If he is 195 lbs to 200 lbs and plays on the field the way he has shown this year, I think we would be looking at a top 15 player.  If Brandon goes to the combine and weighs in about 195 lbs, you will see him shoot up the boards very quickly.  His workouts and weight will be the deciding factors, in my opinion, as to where he gets drafted. The kid is a winner and a ball hawk; as far as I'm concerned, he has the talent, passion and football intelligence to be a 1st round pick even if he is a little on the skinny side.  Brandon (Spiderman) Boykin is an excellent cover CB who tackles well enough to be a free safety and will impact for you on special teams.  He is tough enough to handle the big receivers and quick enough to handle those small receivers on the outside. 



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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11