Brandon Brooks   OG   Miami/Ohio       


 Round 6


Brandon has some solid talent to play for the team that drafts him.  He is a pure right guard.  He has good size and bulk, and in a zone blocking scheme, could be very effective.  He works well with his teammates when pass blocking and his workouts show that he could have some hidden talents and might be able to play more than right guard for the team that drafts him.  Brandon is developmental at this time, but given his workouts and ability to lose weight in a short period of time, Brandon just might be a multi-position type of offensive lineman that every team could use in the NFL.  



Brandon is not a very good run blocker at this point in his carrier.  He blocks the player in front of him by laying on him and hanging on him.  He has to learn to fire out and keep bringing his feet to keep his balance and stay with his block without holding.  When he pass blocks, he looks good, but is not aggressive and does not hold his man out.  He gets in position, but once again, he forgets to move his feet and continue to stay in a good position. They don't use him to pull because after four strides, he seems to lose balance and control of what he is doing.  He has to get in better football shape, lose some weight and learn better techniques.  He also has to mature, gain a better work ethic and a better mental stamina.  But his workouts are good.



For me personally, you let someone else draft this kid and do the work and then if he does get better, you can always pick him up in free agency.  Injuries to offensive linemen in the NFL shows me that a development offensive lineman like Brandon now belongs on the practice squad and not on the 53-man player squad.  You have to be more ready to produce than Brandon is right now and this, in my eyes, makes Brandon a target for the Rookie Free agency pool after the draft.  He has the talent, and maybe he will start to play with a chip on his shoulder after he was not invited to the combine.  The truth is, he plays right guard and until he can prove he can play more than right guard at a high level, why would you select him at all?  Wait and see --  maybe he would be an excellent rookie free agent signing after the draft.  I'm sure Brandon is a good kid, but for me, all I see is a kid with some talent to play at the next level who took that talent for granted and did not work hard to improve.  Nevertheless, that's just me and what I see.  Brandon's workout numbers suggest that he should be drafted early, but his play on the field and the position he plays suggest otherwise to me. 

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12