Brandon Mosley   OT   Auburn     


 Round 3


Brandon has very good overall athleticism to play the offensive tackle position for the team that drafts him at a very high level.  He is smart and plays in a spread offense without any help from a tight end on the line of scrimmage.  When Brandon stays with his techniques, he is a very good pass blocker.  When he uses his athleticism to run block and does not try to overpower his opponent, he does a nice job.  Brandon shows strong physical and mental stamina as well as leadership skills through his play on the field.  Not many have beaten Brandon when he uses good techniques when pass rushing.  He has the change of direction skills and foot speed to recover when he gets surprised; those skills make Brandon an intriguing talent to play more than one position on the offensive line.  Right now, Brandon plays right tackle for his college team, which is probably how he should be drafted.  However, in the future, this kid could turn into a very good left tackle which also needs to be taken into account when drafting Brandon.  



Basically, Brandon has to gain more upper body strength.  He is inconsistent and struggles to stay on balance when firing out to run block.  He is excellent when he stays on balance and can go to the next level with the ease and quickness that not many offensive lineman have in this draft.  He has to have much better hand usage, but all of these issues will be corrected with good coaching and more repetitions.  Brandon is a developmental offensive lineman at this point of his career, but I would think most offensive line coaches are drooling over his potential.



This is your sleeper left tackle in the draft.  I know he can play both right tackle and left tackle at a Pro Bowl level.  The question is, can he play left tackle?  If teams think he can, then he will be drafted early.  He still is a developmental right tackle and will need some time to get stronger and more repetitions to become more consistent, but he has the talent.  One of the games I watched Brandon in was against Arkansas and against one of the quickest "off the line" defensive ends in this draft.  He handled him when pass blocking without any help and his lateral agility was excellent.  When I saw that, I saw his left tackle potential. That being said, Brandon struggled using his technique during that game, but always found a way to make his blocks.  Sometimes he doesn't look pretty, but his athleticism allows him to recover and get the job done.  He has excellent size and bulk and is not overweight or have one of those jelly bellies that some teams seem to feel is so important to being a good run blocking offensive lineman.  This kid is in shape and, for me, that is important because it shows good work ethic.  Those jelly belly players who will be drafted ahead of Brandon don't do it for me.  Just say no to the jelly bellies, be smart and draft players who are in shape like Brandon, I say!  There is a lot more upside for the non-jelly belly player to become Pro Bowl offensive or defensive linemen than the ones who take up a lot of space, but are really out of shape.  I should add that to my 25 rules of drafting:  "Don't draft jelly belly players early in the draft.  Look for the player with talent who is in shape before you select a player with talent who has needs more physical discipline."  Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule! 

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12