Brandon Washington   OG/OT   Miami 


 Round 2


Brandon has strong overall athletic talent.  He is very big and shows the athletic ability to play more than one position on the offensive line of scrimmage.  He has nice foot speed and has the ability to get out in front for screen plays.  He's solid when going out to the second level to block a linebacker and shows on film excellent strength when blocking straight ahead on run plays.  Brandon plays with a little bit of a nasty streak.  He likes to run block and he likes to block for sweeps because of his ability to run.  In the right system, and if playing the right position, Brandon could be a Pro Bowl player, but the fit has to be right. 



Brandon has excellent athletic talent, but he is the only offensive lineman I have ever seen who's athletic talent goes into hiding once he engages his opponent.  His pass blocking techniques are very poor and when he blocks for the run, there are times when he is just lazy and inconsistent.  Brandon has a habit of not moving his feet once he starts to block.  He will get himself into position to block very quickly and then it's like he is made of molding clay, and everything he has been taught goes out the window.  When he loses his balance, he doesn't use his strength and bends at the waist.  He has alligator arms when blocking and, in general, looks to be lazy and not very coachable.  A kid with his athletic talent should be a lot better than he is right now.  I have to believe he lacks the work ethic needed to be the lineman his talents suggest he can become.  Brandon has questionable lateral agility, but that could be overcome as a right tackle if he would use the correct techniques. 



It's real simple: it comes down to maturity and work ethic.  Brandon should have stayed in college as I don't believe he's ready to be an NFL player.  He has the talent, but he shows immaturity on the field that belittles his talent.  I'm sure the workouts are going to be excellent, but throw on the film, watch how he plays, then ask yourself, why?  Why doesn't he use the correct techniques?  Why is he a lazy pass blocker? Why is he so off balance when run blocking?  My feeling right now is the new coach came in and expects the players to work hard.  Therefore, Brandon decided to check to see if he would be selected in the first three rounds of the NFL draft and made a decision to declare for the draft.  Brandon is coming out early and I don't care what he says in an interview, I don't think he understands what having a real work ethic means because he has always been able to get by on his athletic talents and intelligence.  On the other hand, if you pass on him you might be passing up on the next Pro Bowl left guard or right tackle.  

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