Brandon Weeden   QB   Oklahoma St


 Round 5


Brandon has very good size and bulk to handle the rigors of being a pocket passer in the NFL.  He has a strong arm and throws the deep ball with accuracy as good as I have ever seen.  Brandon is like a cobra who can strike and score a touchdown, lightning quick if you let your guard down on defense.  He loves to pass the ball, but what he really loves to do is throw the long touchdown pass on just about any play that is called.  If Brandon sees single coverage on his outside receivers, he is going for the deep pass.  Brandon has the size, arm strength and the look that the NFL scouts and coaches look for in the prototypical quarterback to run an NFL style offense in the NFL. 



It's hard to list all of my concerns regarding Brandon, but I will try. Brandon holds onto the ball too long looking for the deep ball.  He doesn't throw to his check downs unless they are his hot receiver.  He struggles throwing against zone coverages because he waits too long for the receiver to be open and settle down in the zone, which may create opportunities for opponent interceptions at the next level.  He has the benefit in this college offense of throwing to a receiver who is better than most at the college level.  He doesn't move well in the pocket, struggles under pressure, does not recognize blitzes, does not read defense very well (at the level others do in the draft) and throws the ball up under pressure.  He does not throw well on the move and does not adjust and extend plays.  Brandon also lacks the intangibles to lead the players around him and to make them better.  It's all about Brandon. There is a selfishness to his play that causes him to look for the big play instead of looking for the right play.



Brandon is a perfect back-up quarterback for an NFL team, but after four games all of his problems will be magnified and he will struggle big time.  I'm not convinced that Brandon is very coachable at this point in his career.  Brandon thinks that he is NFL ready, but I suspect with tough coaching, he will get frustrated, shut down emotionally and not improve.  What you see right now is what you will get with Brandon.  Although he looks pretty good and throws a nice ball and is accurate when he throws the deep ball I just don't see the need (in the way he plays) to be better than he is right now.  I'm not sure what motivates Brandon to play football, but I am sure of one thing.  He does not handle adversity by trying to make himself better. If he did he would be considered the best quarterback in this draft!  I profile for 32 teams and I know that some teams are going to fall in love with Brandon in spite of his age and the concerns mentioned in this profile.  Some coach is going to believe they can make a statement drafting and developing Brandon.  For me personally, I'm not sure I would draft him at all.  With everything he needs to learn and the fact he has not bothered to improve from one year to the next, I would have a hard time drafting him at all.



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 Drew Boylhart   DEC/11