Brian Quick   WR   Appalachian St       


 Round 2


Brian has remarkable athletic talent to play football at the wide receiver position.  He has excellent size and strength and is one of the fastest players in this draft.  He is also one of the quickest.  His ten yard split is quicker than most others who are smaller than Brian.  He has quick feet, terrific hands and is very adept at catching the ball down the field for the long touchdown.  He has speed and quickness all through his forty time which will make it very hard for any defensive back to keep up with him on deep balls when the team that drafts him gives a QB max protection.  Brian will run all the routes and will give you some run after the catch yardage, but truthfully Brian is on your team and on the field to catch the deep ball and score a touchdown at least once a game.  Brian is a Randy Moss, Plexico Burris type of receiver -- an impact receiver.  



Brian can be shut down.  In a game against Maine, Brian became frustrated and committed unnecessary penalties out of that frustration, showing an arrogant or competitive attitude -- I'm not sure which.  Either way, he didn't react very well to adversity in that game.  The level of competition will be a question for some teams, but the skills and talent are there.  Brian can be muscled off his routes.  Tough corners can intimidate him into not running his routes the way he runs them in practice.  If he comes off the line clean, he is tough to handle, but that is not a #1 wide receiver -- that is a #2 wide receiver.  The questions for me are:  How coachable is Brian?  How well will he handle adversity?  How well will he handle success and the money?  I don't have enough film to give you any insight on those issues, but I do have questions that would need to be answered.  Do your homework on this kid's maturity on and off the field because in the games I saw, he gave some signals that he was lacking it, perhaps in many areas. 



There is no question about Brian's talent except to say, where has he been and why wasn't he in a bigger college program all along?  Really, isn't that the big question mark?  College teams steal scholarship players all the time from other teams so why is someone with this much talent playing for Appalachian St and not for Georgia, Alabama or Virginia Tech?  Maybe the answer is simple -- perhaps he just liked the program and loved the coaches, had other offers but wanted to stay.  The problem with that is that on the field, Brian sends the signal he wants it all.  I love Brian's talent, but I do question his work ethic and wonder about his maturity.  Is he ready for the next level mentally?  Brian is the type of receiver you need on your team to have a successful passing game, but he is not the type of receiver you build your game plan around.  He is dangerous, but not reliable.  He's not the "moving the chains" receiver that others are in this draft, but he is dangerous.  If you do build your passing game around him, he will disappoint you because when a defensive back gets physical with Brian, he will disappear.  Brian might sneak into the 1st round or be drafted in the 2nd round but if there are problems we don't know about, look for him dropping into the 3rd or 4th rounds.  Owners do not want off field problems anymore, no matter how talented a player is.  Yeah, right!

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12