Brock Osweiler   QB   Arizona St


 Round 4


Brock is a tall, strong-armed quarterback that has the size and athletic talent to play more than one position at the NFL level.  He works from a shot gun formation in a run/pass option offensive system.  He shows on film to have excellent accuracy to go along with his strong arm and nice speed to be a threat running the ball.  Brock has the ability to make all the throws needed to be a starting quarterback for the team that drafts him and does well in the pocket when under pressure.  He gets rid of the ball quickly and can throw on the run with solid accuracy.  Brock has excellent starting quarterback talent for the NFL. 



Brock is very young on the field.  He does not read defenses, will throw into coverage, and makes bad decisions even when he has time in the pocket.  In general, Brock is a long ways away mentally from being able to start a 16 game NFL schedule.  Right now, I'm not sure if Brock takes what he learns in practice onto the field on game day.  He is stubborn, struggles to lead and throws every throw the same way -- like it's a fast ball.  He drops down and throws the ball sidearm on short throws; his mechanics overall are very sloppy and inconsistent.  He will have to prove he can play under center and perform when he is under pressure, which won't happen in his workouts and Juniors cannot be invited to the Senior Bowl or shrine games; therefore, teams may not be able to evaluate his skills in this area other than watching tape.



I'm not convinced that Brock's intangibles and ability to lead an NFL team are anything but average; however, he is a fiery type of quarterback and I do like that part.  Right now, he is better athletically than most of his competition, but against Boise St he was confused big time and struggled to keep it together and be a leader for his team.  In his defense, he is young and new to the quarterback position that requires more than athletic talent to be successful.  He did not have very good coaching, and was in an offensive system that did not require him to think;  therefore, he did not bother.  I'm not suggesting he is not a smart kid as I think he probably is, but his athletic talent and the situation he was in has stunted his mental growth.  If Brock has good workouts he could be drafted in the first round.  After all, Joe Flacco (QB Ravens) came out of Delaware and got drafted in the first round!  I wouldn't draft Brock in the first round personally, but I can see a team or two thinking his talent and potential is too much to pass on and reach for him.  My thinking about Brock is that he needs a full NFL contract under his belt to learn what is required of him to be a starting quarterback at the NFL level.  He can back up and learn because he has enough athletic talent to win a game or two if your starting QB gets injured.  If you draft him too early and throw him on the field, I believe he will learn as he goes, but I also think you are asking too much of him.  In my opinion,this is a handle with care pick.  Good talent but very young intangibles and the big question is how quickly he can bring what he learns in practice to the field consistently.

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12