Broderick Binns   DL/OLB   Iowa


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Broderick is playing defensive end in a 4-3 defense and, at the college level, is an impact player for his team.  He shows excellent athletic ability, football intelligence and on-field leadership.  Broderick is a head-up, wrap-up, squeeze and drive tackler.  Broderick shows a good burst off the line and has the change of direction skills as well as a strong ability to tackle players in the open field to be an OLB in a 3-4 defense. He can play in any style defense and, although he is not as tall as most defensive ends who play in a true 4-3 defense, he has those long arms that make up for that lack of perfect height. Broderick is a lot stronger than he looks; he controls his blocker, sheds and makes tackles with ease.  He plays in a 2-gap system and I suspect he is a much better pass rusher than he is able to show because of this.  Broderick is that tweener player that most teams will down grade because they don't believe he has a true position or he will have to change positions and that will take time for him to learn and impact.  They are wrong.  Broderick is smart, athletic and a strong leader.  Broderick is the type of player who becomes one of the best players on your defense and a fan favorite.



Broderick just needs to get into the NFL and show everyone what he can really do.  This defense he is in does not show his true abilities and skills. He will have to change positions, which may scare teams off who don't have the ability to see his potential.  Then again, that's not Broderick's problem, it's their problem.   



Last year I profiled Sam Acho who played for Texas.  The Arizona Cardinals drafted him in the fourth round.  I listed Sam on my personal board as the 14 best player in the 2011 draft.  If you do a search on Sam, you will see what the Cardinals coaches are saying about Sam and how glad they are they drafted him.  I suspect that once we get to this draft, Broderick will be considered in the same way that Sam was and this will be a big time mistake.  The teams that run a 3-4 defense should pray this kid is available in any round for them to draft.  He is a quality football player and the first team that realizes this will be building a Super Bowl defense.  As I've said, Broderick has excellent athletic talent, is very smart, plays with excellent fundamentals, is stronger than most defensive players he goes up against, can tackle in the open field, can change direction like a linebacker, and is a leader.  Look for the Steelers, Ravens, Giants and 49er's to jump all over this kid at some point in the draft. Look for the teams who have bad defenses to continue to pass on players like Broderick because they lack the ability to profile and identify players who will lead a defense, not just play defense.



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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11