Chandler Jones   DE   Syracuse 


 Round 1


Chandler is a freakishly strong and athletic Defensive End for a 4-3 defense.  He has quickness combined with a natural strength that allows him to be what I call a power pass rusher.  Because of his strength and long arms, he is terrific when standing up at the point of attack to shed a block and make tackles; in fact, he's as good as any defensive tackle in the NFL.  Chandler is very smart and understands situational football.  He will make plays all over the field -- running downs or passing downs. He will bait his opponent into making mistakes and understands what an offensive coordinator is trying to do to him.  Chandler uses very mature pass rushing techniques and because his hand usage is so quick and his explosion off the line is so strong, there is no way at the college level he can be handled one-on-one.  If you double team him, he will split the double team and still get pressure on the QB.  He shows quick feet and enough change of direction skills to rush the passer from inside or out, but Chandler knows that taking the most direct line to the QB is the best for him.  Even when he takes an outside rush he still uses a combination of a bull rush along with finesse moves to get to the QB.  When he turns the corner, he uses his strength as he dips his shoulder to gain a more direct line to the QB and then will make his 2nd move. Chandler is ready for prime time.  



Chandler has quick feet and excellent explosion, but he does not have the foot speed and change of direction quickness to be a OLB/DE in a 3-4 defense.  This might drop him on a lot of teams' boards because he fits a 4-3 defense only.  Anything else will lessen his ability to impact.



Chandler knows how to play his position and has the athletic talent to impact at that position.  In every game I've watched of Chandler, he has had an impact on the play, either directly or indirectly.  He either plays his position and makes the play himself or he is pressuring the QB or RB into making mistakes so others can make a play on his team.  He is a bait and switch type of player.  By that I mean he will bait his opponent and lull him into thinking he is going to do one thing and than switches and does just the opposite.  By the time he gets through with playing a game he has his opponent confused and struggling to handle him in just about any situation.  Chandler is very smart and knows how to change his way of attacking and getting into the back field from one play to another.  He also understands his opponents' weaknesses and, like a boa constrictor, slowly squeezes the life out of his prey.  Chandler squeezes the confidence out of the offensive linemen all during the game.  He affects the plays called by an offensive coordinator during a game.  In the Connecticut game, I saw him make three plays in a row just on one set of downs:  two tackles in a row to hold the RB to a total of three yards, then on the third play, he broke in and pressured the QB into throwing an interception.  I call him Chandler (Bait & Switch) Jones because all game long, he is pulling the old bait and switch on the offensive linemen like pick pocket teams on the streets of New York. This is one athletically, smart and powerful pass rusher who can stop the run as well as he can rush the passer.

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 Drew Boylhart   Feb /12