Chris Rainey   WR/RB/ST   Florida 


 Round 1


Chris has unique athletic talents. He has excellent speed to go along with quickness and toughness, which makes it hard to cover him in the open field.  He has excellent hands to catch the ball down the field as a wide receiver or slot receiver and is tough enough to take the ball as a running back and run through the tackles. Chris is an impact player who doesn't need to touch the ball much to impact; however, if you keep him on the field for every down, he will have to be accounted for and this opens up other options for your offense.  He will go across the middle and catch the ball and, if you use him in the slot, he will go right up the seam and make the catch that most receivers prefer a big Tight End make.  Chris is smart and understands situational football.  He has the speed to go deep, the hands to catch the ball in traffic and the toughness to be counted on at the most important times in a game.  I call him Chris (Nascar) Rainey because he's as fast as a stock car at a NASCAR event.



The question teams will have about Chris is whether to make him a wide receiver or use him all over the field (as he was used by his college team). One problem is that Chris is not much of a blocker, particularly in third and long situations.  If you use him as a pure wide receiver, he will have to learn the whole NFL route tree as well as how to block better to help in the running game.  He has a good attitude and I think, if you give him time he will be fine.  He did have an off field issue (arrest), but that seems to be in the past.  Problem is, with more time on his hands and more money, problems like this may re-occur.  For now this issue seems to be in the past, so I'll give him a pass...for now.  If I were to interview him and found more hidden problems that would be another case. 



I have no doubts about Chris' talents and ability to impact at the next level.  He is on the small side but I don't see that as being a big issue in his case.  I'm more concerned about his arrest and suspension from the team -- whether or not that was his first time, only time, or is this just one in a long line of issues that we don't know about may be why he was suspended.  Usually a team does not suspend players for just one issue. If you interview him and find out that this was a one time issue and it's over and he learned his lessen then by all means do not hesitate to draft Chris at any point in the is draft.  He has the potential to be that impacting. You do worry about injuries with these small players but I think making Chris a pure wide receiver will be the answer to that.  He can handle it and it will keep him on the field all the time.  It will require a defense to keep a safety over the top on almost every play and this will open up a ton of offensive options for the team that drafts him.  I think after the Senior Bowl coaches will be talking about this kid's talents and when that happens you will see him move up the boards just as fast as a.... wait for it...stock car at a NASCAR event! 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12