Coby Fleener   TE/WR   Stanford


 Round 1


Coby has good size and speed, along with excellent hands to catch the ball and run routes for the team that drafts him.  He gives good effort when he blocks and can be counted on to catch the ball and run the correct route at the important times in a game.   Coby's consistency running routes and catching the ball in traffic is his true strength.  He shows on film the ability to separate in his routes because of his very long first stride, after he makes his cut.  He has the longest first stride after a cut that I have seen since Art Monk (former WR Redskins).  Coby has the speed to get deep.  In fact, the further he goes down the field, the faster he is and the more separation he gets because of those long strides.  Coby is a smart player, works well with his quarterback and seems to possess more talent than most people expect him to have.  He is multi-dimensional because of his intelligence and athletic talent.  Maybe workouts and the Senior Bowl will open up some smart coaches' eyes.  I call him Coby "The Flexible Flyer" Fleener because he can fly down the field, is flexible and has the intelligence to use him at more than one position.  



He is not a good in-line blocker at the tight end position because of his long legs.  He does a good job blocking in open space and in sealing for sweeps and screens.  However, his true strength is running routes and catching the ball.



I think Coby is more of an Art Monk, Vincent Jackson style of wide receiver, but you can use him anywhere you want in your offense.  Coby is your typical tweener at the college level that most NFL teams are turning into wide receivers and slot receivers inside the red zone because of their size and athletic abilities. Here is the catch... Coby is faster than you think.  It just takes him a little longer to get into his route but he can be a #1 wide receiver if you need him to be.  He possesses the threat to go long and catch the ball along with the toughness to go over the middle.  He will fight for the ball in the air and if he doesn't have a chance to catch the ball, he is smart enough to make sure no one else does. His work ethic is outstanding and his need to work with his quarterback is outstanding.  You remember Dwight Clark (WR San Francisco 49 er's)?  That's the same type of character exhibited and quarterback compatability needed by Coby.  Coby (The Flexible Flyer) Fleener -- he's faster than Dwight Clark, has the long striding ability of Art Monk and can catch the ball down the field deep, like Vincent Jackson. 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12