Cordy Glenn   OT   Georgia 


 Round 2


Cordy is a huge, talented, athletic offensive lineman.  He is so large that when he lines up on the line of scrimmage, he sticks out like a Beluga whale.  He has very quick feet and when he uses the correct techniques, he is a very good pass blocker.  Cordy steps up when he is challenged.  He has good mental stamina and is a smart offensive lineman.  He understands his assignments and does not make many mistakes or have a lot of penalties.  He has excellent balance and is very rarely on the ground after, or before, a block.  Cordy does a good job using his hands to keep players away from his body and has those long arms to go along with his quick feet that make you think he has left tackle talent -- and he does.  He has played multiple positions for his college team because of his athletic talent and football intelligence.  Cordy can be an excellent left tackle or right tackle at the next level.  In fact, if he wants it badly enough, he could play any position he wants on the offensive line.  That's if he wants it.



Cordy looks to me on film to be about 340 - 350 lbs.  He needs to slim down to about 320 lbs.  He also needs to get stronger in both his upper and lower body. Right now, Cordy does not have the strength that most players his size possess and is also a very sloppy run blocker.  He comes off the line upright and slow and, because he doesn't have much strength in his legs, he gets pushed off the line until he can bring his feet and use his weight to defeat his block.  For the next level, that will not work.  This kid has a lot of work to do to be a guard or a tackle for the next level, but he does have the athletic talent and I think moving around so much and playing different positions has stunted his growth as an offensive lineman. He needs to figure out what position he wants to play in the NFL and start working on it really fast...and, he needs to lose weight! 



Being overweight and using sloppy techniques do not make me feel that Cordy is not going to be a successful offensive lineman at the next level.  He has the talent and I'm sure the coaches love him because of his ability to play more than one position.  However, I think this has given Cordy a false sense of his abilities for the next level.  This happens a lot to talented players at the college level.  Coaches take a player with Cordy's talent for granted and stop coaching him to coach players who need more help.  Cordy needs good coaching to go with his strength and weight training.  He is a very talented player and his workouts will move him up on teams' boards, but he is a few years away from starting for the team that drafts him.  If he doesn't get stronger and is thrown on the field too early, there's a possibility he will get injured and defensive linemen will beat him like a drum.  That being said, he has left tackle talent and playoff teams at the end of the first round will take a chance on him and draft him a little early.  Right now, I don't see him playing guard at the next level because he is slow off the snap but that may improve with the weight loss and improved strength as well.  To me, he is definitely a tackle.  A tackle with the talent to play at a Pro Bowl level, but that talent is currently hidden deep right now and it will take time, good coaching and a great strength and conditioning program.  I like this kid's talent and you should never pass up on a player with Cordy's type of talent and attitude who could play more than one position on your offensive line.  You just can't draft him too early. 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12