Coryell Judie   CB/FS   Texas A&M        


 Round 3


Coryell is a naturally strong zone cover corner that might be a better Free Safety for the next level.  He is an excellent special teams player in returning kick and punts and will impact right away on special teams.  He does a good job tackling and makes the sure tackle in the open field.  He is a tough kid, shows strong hands to intercept the ball and situational football intelligence.  Coryell lights up when he is used in the return game.  He takes the ball straight up the field and makes yardage almost every time.  As a free safety, Coryell should be able to impact right away.  He has enough cover skills, size, bulk, strength and burst to the ball to cover tight ends and big slot receivers as he is a bit of a ball hawk if used in a two deep zone or as a single deep safety.



Looking at him as a cornerback will downgrade him because he has straight line speed, but does not have that quick twitch recover speed needed to be a good corner.  He can play zone and does well in that type of system; however, if you want him to be in coverage on an island all by himself, you are asking too much from him.



This is real simple: Coryell should be a very good Free Safety and an average "systems" cornerback.  He should be an excellent special teams returner as well.  Sometimes he tries to do too much when returning punts and kicks, but if he can learn to make consistent decisions as a returner, he should be excellent.  All he has to do is play for a coach that does not expect, or want, him to return every punt and kick for a touchdown.  Coryell should be a good solid player for the team that drafts him and will impact if used as a Free Safety.  He should help right away in nickel-dime situations, close to the line of scrimmage or deep in the back field because he has good size, can tackle and has good speed and hands.  You have to love DB's who are ball hawks, but at the same time, can make the sure tackle.


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