Cyrus Grey   RB   Texas A&M         


 Round 3


Cyrus might be the most underrated and under-appreciated running back in this draft.  He has good size, excellent speed and soft hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field.  Cyrus has just enough lateral agility to make it hard to tackle him; he is always falling forward and gaining the little yardage that doesn't seem important until the referees bring out the chains.  He is an excellent blocker and reads defenses as well as most QB's coming out of college.  Cyrus does what you ask of him and is always successful.  He doesn't break the big play, but he makes the important ones.  Cyrus' size is deceiving.  He is a strong running back and will carry the ball 20 to 30 times a game, gaining 100+ yards and not one person other than his teammates and coaches will notice.  He will catch the ball out of the backfield for another 30 or 40 yards and gain third downs all game long.  And guess what?  No one will notice.  His efficiency grows on you.  He has quick feet, shows good vision and is the type of back that never seems to take the big hit.  Cyrus reminds me a lot of Fred Jackson (RB, Buffalo Bills) -- the type of back that carries your running game but no one realizes it until he gets injured.  



Cyrus just needs to be drafted to prove how important he will be.  In spite of his production and good numbers at the combine, Cyrus continues to be overlooked in this draft.  He did have a shoulder injury that kept him from producing against some of the tough teams on the schedule and level of competition is always a concern with running backs who do not have blazing speed.  Cyrus has running back speed and skills, but he does not have blazing speed.  



As I said before, Cyrus gets the award for the most underrated and most unappreciated running back in the draft and I think I know why.  It's because his name sounds like he should be a country western singer and not a starting running back for an NFL team.  Cyrus is just so good at playing his position, you don't notice him.  I can tell you one thing:  I bet Ryan Tannehill the young, still developing quarterback for this college team knows that Cyrus helped him a lot this year.  If it wasn't for a head coach that went into a hole like a woodchuck looking for wood whenever this team had a lead, this team's win-loss record as well as Cyrus' and Tannehill's stats would have been better than they were. There was a lot of bad play calling for this team last year.  Nevertheless, Cyrus stood up to the pressure and the task and always performed to the best of his abilities.  He gained the yardage when everyone in the stadium knew Texas A & M was not going to pass.  He made the blocks when everyone in the stadium knew they were going to pass.  There was no camouflaging this offense and both Grey and Tannehill produced in spite of the coach.  That says a lot to me and I just think looking for a running back with the talents that Cyrus has should be on every team's priority list.  He would be on mine.  Production, good workout numbers and a good body of work should be enough to get Cyrus drafted by most teams.  Maybe it's his shoulder injury that is a concern because I don't think it's his play on the field.

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12