Danny Coale   WR   Virginia    


 Round 1


Danny is one of the smartest receivers in this draft.  He has excellent athletic talent and shows the toughness that a #1 wide receiver needs to be successful.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and his work ethic.  Danny has good speed and shows the ability to get deep and catch the ball in traffic.  He will go over the middle to make the difficult catch, but his greatest strengths are his abilities to run routes and read defenses like a QB. He understands how to help his QB out when adversity is about to strike, which is what makes Danny a true potential #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  Danny's ability to get open when everyone in the whole stadium knows the ball is coming to him is unique and very Wes Welker-like.  He just has the understanding and knack to know when to cut off a route or extend a route so that the pass to him will make a difference.  He is quick to catch the ball and put it away for needed yardage after the catch.  Danny has excellent football intelligence and a feel for the game that cannot be taught.  He has the speed to get deep and those Velcro like hands to catch the ball at any point when it is in the air.  I call him Danny (Lighthouse) Coale because he will guide your passing game all the way down the field until it hits the end zone.



Danny just needs to be paired up with a quarterback who is as smart as he is and do a mind meld so they are both on the same page.  He is not as fluid looking as some others in the draft and is not able to adjust to the ball in the air as well as other receivers in this draft.  Of course if that's the reason team's don't draft Danny I think that's just poor reasoning.   



Danny has been paired up with a very talented, but young quarterback and a group of very talented wide receivers.  It's hard to focus in on anyone of them because they all very talented but, if you watch the game long enough you will see that every one of those receivers and that young quarterback look for Danny when things seem to go wrong on the field.  Danny is always ready and never lets them down.  Danny is one of those types of players that is not flashy.  He blends in with his teammates and never upstages anyone on the field.  He looks like an excellent teammate and his leadership skills are noticeable on film.  Like I said before, he has the ability on just about any route to get open no matter what the situations calls for.  He can play inside or outside and is tough to tackle.  Danny is under the radar right now, but as soon as his pro days are held, Danny should be talked about.  Wide receivers like Danny are usually selected in the 3rd or 4th rounds.  Most of the time the reason for this is because they may not be as fluid as others.  All I can tell you is that Danny will be better and I consider him a first round talent with the potential to be the receiver you can build your passing game around.   


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 Drew Boylhart  March /12