David DeCastro  OG   Stanford


 Round 2


David is a quick footed, pulling right guard with good lower body strength.  He is a smart player and shows great mental stamina.  He is a technician and does everything to the best of his ability on every play.  He is quick into his man on running plays and uses solid leverage to defeat his opponent.  His team likes to run behind David because he is able to turn his man and finish his blocking assignment with consistency.  He is a very good pulling guard for a short pull offensive system.  He has nice size and overall strength, but the upside of his game is his foot quickness and football intelligence.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Adding a player like David to your team in the draft is what the draft is all about.  He is a plug in right guard that should be starting on your team the day after you draft him and for the next ten years.



David lacks the lateral agility to be a left guard and I have no information that he has ever played center.  I like my interior linemen to be able to play multiple positions if I'm going to rate them as first round talent. Right now, David is a pure right guard with good run blocking skills and average pass blocking skills -- overall, a quality player.



With all the injuries offensive lineman have this year because of the spread offense, the value of any position on the offensive line has gone up in recent years. David should be as good as Chris Snee (RG NY Giants), which is pretty good.  I can see David sneaking into the first round for a playoff team looking for good offensive linemen like the Steelers or Seattle, but because David is a pick that will not excite the fans into paying right away for season tickets, it will be hard to select him over a flashier pick such as a WR, RB, LT, RT, DE, LB, CB or QB late in the first round. Of course that will not impact David's ability to play for the team that drafts him.  If David could play the left guard position or had proven play at center, you are definitely looking at a first round selection.  However, you should be able to find a good right guard standing in line at your local Walmart!  I like David very much -- I just don't consider right guard a priority position.  That's just me.  That doesn't mean I would not draft David; it means I would draft him at the value my team needs a right guard.  David is the type of player that, because of his position, could be drafted in any round in this draft, so look for Rob's board to see the likelihood of what round that will be this year.  I could see the Steelers looking hard at David in the first round and I'm sure as soon as the second round starts, if David is on the board some teams might even trade up to draft him.  

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12